Members of the Lexus UK PR and social media team have been conducting video conference meetings from the virtual driving seats of some of the most popular Lexus models. They’ve enjoyed it so much they decided to release the five virtual backgrounds to enhance online meeting experiences.

The virtual cockpits are available for the legendary LFA supercar , the high-performance RC F coupe, the popular LC sports coupe and the Omotenashi-inspired interior of the luxury LS saloon, where there is a choice of driving or being chauffeured from its sumptuous and spacious rear seats. These are the perfect way to get behind the wheel of a Lexus if you can’t get out and drive one.

The Lexus award-winning interiors are renowned for their exquisite design and high levels of comfort, for example, the Lexus RX won the Best Interior and Comfort category in the 2019 Driver Power survey.

How to use Lexus virtual backgrounds:

  1. The backgrounds are available to download here: Begin by downloading your Lexus of choice by clicking on the image, and then saving it to your device.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the image to your device, you need to upload your chosen interior to use as a virtual background in popular video conferencing software or apps.
  3. Sign into your video-conferencing app and head to your account settings. NB if using zoom through a browser rather than using the zoom app, you’ll need to be in a meeting before clicking on settings
  4. Select the setting named Virtual Background or Choose background effect (under Audio & Video in some apps). If you cannot see the option, check with your organisation to see if it is enabled.
  5. Click the + symbol or Add button to choose your virtual background.
  6. Navigate to your downloaded file and select it for upload.
  7. Your Lexus virtual background should now be enabled. Please note you may need a green screen, or at least a plain background, behind you.
Lexus RCF Zoom Background
Lexus LS Front Zoom Background
Lexus LS Rear Zoom Background
Lexus LFA Zoom Background
Lexus LC Zoom Background