Help me choose the right car for me

The RRG Group have a wide range of vehicles to choose from provided by a number of well know car manufacturers. We can help you choose between, city cars, suvs, estate cars, pick-ups and more across our range.

Below you can find out more about the various types of vehicle available from The RRG Group and our franchise partners Toyota, Lexus, Peugeot, Mazda, Skoda, Kia, Nissan and MG

Choose your next small hatchback or city car from The RRG Group

Small hatchbacks, low cost, urban friendly, city cars. Designed to work and park with ease in tight spots.​

Get your next hatchback from The RRG Group

Small and Medium sized hatchbacks cars, spacious enough for for extra passengers and luggage.​

Order your next family car from The RRG Group

SUVs, Hatchbacks and Estates can all make for a great family car, we have a selection to suit you.

Buy your next SUV or crossover from The RRG Group

Combing the practicality of a family car with an SUV (sports utility vehicle) - often with off-roading capabilities.​

Buy your next Saloon car from The RRG Group

Saloons are versatile and can be used for a range of different purposes. They are popular family vehicles, although they mainly attract professionals who use the car for business.

Buy your next Executive car from The RRG Group

The executive class champions quality, economy, comfort and space, although cars with a dash of performance and handling dynamism as well inevitably stand out.

Estates, Tourers & SWs from The RRG Group

Many Estate cars, also known as Tourers or SWs are based on family hatchbacks but with a larger space at the rear providing greater storage capacity.

Buy your next Seven plus seat car from The RRG Group

7 seater + cars provide great flexibility for family life with extra seating or luggage space.

Buy your next Pick-up or 4x4 from The RRG Group

On road or off-road, 4x4s and pick-ups handle all conditions giving you the opportunity to experience more.​

Buy your next Sports or performance car from The RRG Group

For those seeking a little more excitement in their drive, sports and performance cars give you that something a little different.

Choose your next electric or hybrid car from The RRG Group

The latest in vehicle technology, recent years have seen significant growth in Electric and Hybrid Cars lowering emissions and fuel costs.