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Founded in 1967, the RRG Group is one of the leading dealerships in the North, with both new and used car dealerships across the North West and West Yorkshire regions.

Please see below to see some of our most frequently asked questions.

New car FAQs

Which new car should I buy?

Choosing the right car is dependent upon the individual. As such, you should be prepared to do some homework before you begin your search. Ask yourself what type of car you need or want; how much can you afford to spend; what features are a necessity; how do you plan to pay for it. Once you have the answers, you can make a shortlist of suitable vehicles before visiting a showroom.

When are new cars released?

New cars are released at times when the manufacturer feels the market will best respond. For example, convertibles will likely be released during the summer months, while hardwearing SUVs will take prominence during the winter.

Which new cars have the best warranty?

All new models come backed by a warranty, but nobody offers such great value cover as Kia. The Korean manufacturer is renowned for its seven-year/100,000-mile warranty on all its new vehicles. Toyota and Lexus have also introduced relax programmes extending their car warranties 10 years when you get your car service at an approved centre.

Are new cars worth it?

If you’re looking to find the best vehicles and the best technology, then absolutely. New cars are more efficient than ever, safer than ever, and include connectivity, entertainment, and driver assistance measures that would’ve been unheard of just a few years ago.

How long will it take for my new car to arrive?

Delivery of your vehicle will depend very much on the manufacturer and any specific requests you may have for the chosen model. You should liaise with the team at RRG Group at the time of purchase for more information.

Used car FAQs

What used car should I buy?

When it comes to purchasing a used car, it pays to remember that there is no one answer to suit everyone. You should focus on your own personal requirements, questioning what type of model you need - such as hatchback, family MPV, capable SUV, etc. - what your budget is, and what features are a must have in your next vehicle.

Can you lease used cars?

Most dealerships will provide you with a number of purchasing options on used cars, thereby enabling you to take ownership of one of the quality used vehicles on offer for a low monthly price. Contact the team at RRG Group today to learn more about the financing options available on our used cars.

Are used cars reliable?

Yes. In fact, we at RRG Group take a great deal of time to thoroughly inspect each and every model we sell for any mechanical imperfections. Our teams of experienced technicians work to a thorough checklist and will only give approval to sell once they are happy that the vehicle is in the best condition possible.

Where can I buy used cars?

We at RRG Group are pleased to offer used cars from a number of manufacturers and dealerships across the North West. Those brands we represent include Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Peugeot, SKODA, and Toyota, while our dealership locations include Altrincham, Bolton, Bradford, Bury, Denton, Huddersfield, Macclesfield, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford Quays, Silsden, and Stockport.

Are used cars cheap to insure?

You will often find that used cars are cheaper to insure than brand-new models, mainly due to the fact that the overall value of the vehicle is less in comparison. Ensure you shop around for insurance quotes before you purchase to guarantee the best deal.

Which used cars are selling best?

The used car market is awash with models from all manufacturers. However, there are always some models which sell better than others, often including those within the hatchback category. This is often the case because of the value for money they offer, and the affordable insurance premiums which make them particularly appealing to younger and first-time motorists.

RRG service FAQs

What does a car service include?

Vehicle servicing enables a team of technicians to regularly inspect your car to ensure it remains in the best condition possible. They will often work to a manufacturer checklist and conduct a series of tests - such as oil checks, emissions checks, etc. - to ascertain any required work. At RRG Group, we offer service plans that enable you to tailor a plan according to your vehicle, average mileage, and duration of cover. This covers the cost of standard servicing, including parts and labour, excluding wear and tear of such items as tyres, brake pads, and wipers.

Can car finance be paid off early?

When taking out car finance, you are usually tied into a contract for an agreed period of time. However, there may be occasions where you can settle your agreement early. Such an act usually comes with an early redemption fee to be paid. Please speak to the team at RRG Group today for more details.

What car finance options do you offer?

We offer a selection of financing packages to help with your purchase, including Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase, and Personal Contract Hire.

How does financing a car work?

Our financing packages vary according to the agreement you choose. Head over to our vehicle financing page now to learn more about the various schemes. We also provide a finance calculator and free credit check service to help you determine how much you can borrow and your chances of application success.

What MOT checks are included?

An MOT with RRG Group is like any throughout the UK. We will check all lighting and electrical equipment, steering, suspension, brakes, tyre condition, seat belts, exhaust and fuel emissions, and mirrors and wipers.

Where to get car finance?

Our expertise in helping motorists secure vehicle finance means the team at RRG Group is among the very best in the North West. We will be able to help find the most affordable and competitive rates of finance, enabling you to get behind the wheel of a new or used car for less.

Which car finance is the best?

The suitability of a finance package depends on your own circumstances and requirements. If you’re in a position to pay a deposit and wish to own the vehicle outright at the end, Hire Purchase is ideal; Personal Contract Hire, meanwhile, may be preferable if you prefer fixed monthly payments over a longer term. Speak to our financial experts to learn more.