Air Conditioning Service


The job of the air conditioning system in your car is to cool and remove humidity from the air before it enters your car. The system is basically made up of a compressor, a condenser and an evaporator, with a few sensors here and there. It also contains a filter which blocks dust, pollen, sand and mites to ensure a constant flow of fresh, cool air to the cabin of the car.

What can go wrong with your air conditioning system?

When people turn off their air conditioning system during the cold winter months, this can lead to condensation forming in the pipes. This, combined with the constant heat from the car’s engine provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould to grow. Apart from the nasty smell that this results in, the bacteria can cause all sorts of coughs and infections, and the mould spores can sometimes lead to allergic reactions. In addition to this, the poor air circulation can lead to windows misting up when it comes round to the next winter.

What can you do?

It is important to remember that while your air conditioning system is low maintenance, it is not maintenance free. You must remember to have your system checked regularly by a trained technician to ensure that your system is working to its optimum efficiency, keeping you cool when it’s hot and your windows mist free when it’s cold.

Why choose RRG?

At RRG we service, repair and maintain all makes and models of vehicle. Our aim is to provide the very best levels of service to you and your vehicle, no matter what your visit is for. With professionally trained mechanics and unrivalled expertise in all things aftersales, it makes sense to choose RRG. All our prices are highly competitive - we won't be beaten on price.

  • 1. We only use genuine parts
  • 2. State of the art equipment
  • 3. Fully manufacturer trained and experienced technicians
  • 4. Competitive and transparent pricing

Our Toyota-trained technicians can drain and recharge your Air Conditioning system, by checking the filters, belts and connections to ensure your vehicle's compressor and condenser are in full working order. We will also treat your vehicle's ventilation system with an Air-Conditioning Sanitizer which eliminates harmful bacteria and bad odours from your Air-Conditioning system.

To enjoy the benefits of your Air Conditioning system all year round, it is important to keep it maintained and in good working order.

Right now at The RRG Group we are offering a full air conditioning re-gas and cleanse from just £112.

Simply arrange to bring your car in to see our friendly team and we can advise which air conditioning service your vehicle requires.