Accident Repair Process

Step One

Contact RRG Group's Accident Repair Centre, depending on the extent of the damage, we will either recover your vehicle to our centre or arrange an estimate appointment. Our estimators will visit your home or workplace or inspect the vehicle of our centre. We will require your insurance company details and policy number.

Step Two

If your vehicle is not driveable, we will arrange a replacement vehicle or courtesy car as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours, subject to availability.

Step Three

You will need to notify your insurance company of the incident and inform them that your choice of repairer is the RRG Group Accident Repair Centre. They may try to direct you to one of their "Approved Repairers". However, you have the right to choose who carries out the repairs on your vehicle, (see Know Your Rights), so insist that The RRG Group are the repairing garage. Your insurance company will then provide you with a claim number, please inform your Accident Repair Co-ordinator of this claim number at your earliest convenience.

Step Four

We will compile a computerised estimate and images and then either send it electronically to you or contact your insurance company for authorisation or an engineers inspection.

Step Five

The insurance company will authorise us to proceed with the repairs, this normally takes 48 hours. Once we have received authorisation, our Body Shop Management system will schedule the repair. The system uses information such as courtesy car availability, technician resources and specific repair requirements to ascertain the date when repairs can be completed. If your vehicle is off site your Accident Repair Co-ordinator will contact you to book in your vehicle and arrange a courtesy vehicle (subject to availability).

Step Six

Repair work begins. Quality checks are made at different stages throughout the repair to ensure repair integrity and quality and a final quality inspection is carried out which will include a road test if necessary.

Step Seven

Your Accident Repair Co-ordinator will keep you updated on the progress of the repair work and notify you of any change in the repair process or completion date.

Step Eight

On completion of the repairs, your Accident Repair Co-ordinator will arrange a convenient time for the collection or delivery of your vehicle.

Step Nine

You will be asked to sign a collection note to confirm receipt of your repaired vehicle back into your care.

Step Ten

We will collect any payment due including insurance excess payments. We regret that we cannot release vehicles without payment. Payments by Cash, Credit and Debit Cards are accepted.