Know your rights

Accident Repair

Following an accident, it’s your legal right to have your car repaired anywhere you choose.


If you contact your insurance company, they may try to get the repairs done at the lowest possible price without caring as much about the quality of the repair as you do. You do not need to use your insurance company’s favored establishment, so look after your car and not the insurance company’s profits!

Non genuine parts are frequently used, these may not fit correctly and they are sometimes supplied without the correct surface or corrosion protection that you get on the manufacturer supplied panel. Using non genuine parts will invalidate your warranty.

It has been agreed with The Office of Fair Trading and the British Board of Motor Insurers that as a motor vehicle policy holder you have the right to choose the repairer you wish to carry out the repairs on your vehicle regardless of the insurance companies’ advice. You are not obliged to use only their approved repairer.

Our work is generated by our network of dealerships around the North West, we rely heavily on the loyalty and retention of our customers and we are manufacturer approved, trained and audited on a regular basis. RRG are able to repair your vehicle without being compromised by a contract with your insurer.