Peugeot Small Cars

At RRG Peugeot, we have a pair of fine superminis for your perusal: the 108 and 208. These stylish and practical hatchbacks are ideal for first-time drivers and young families alike.

The 108 is available in three and five-door body styles, while all 208 models offer five-door access. Inside, the 108 provides room for four, and the 208 makes space for five travellers. All models supply the driver with an adjustable position and steering wheel, making it easy to get comfortable. The 108 also possesses a maximum-capacity 780-litre boot, while the 208 adds a further 296 litres.

All Peugeot superminis are fitted with a sound system, with 208 models possessing a minimum six-speaker touchscreen stereo and Bluetooth connectivity as standard. Peugeot cars are safe to drive too, and these superminis are no exception. The 208 has been awarded a five-star Euro NCAP rating, for example, and is fitted with driver aids such as Hill-Hold Assist, which prevents the car from rolling whenever the engine is started on a slope.

To test drive your ideal Peugeot supermini, please book your appointment with us today.