Peugeot MOT

The smart choice for your MOT

Your Peugeot has a date – yes, sooner or later it will be time for its annual MOT. And with offers like a Peugeot MOT for just £45, our Peugeot dealers are the natural place to have it done - after all, they know your vehicle better than anyone. Apart from you, perhaps! Plus:

  • Our highly trained technicians are accredited as MOT testers by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
  • Any outstanding technical upgrades we notice will be carried out for free
  • You'll benefit from our new Peugeot Service Promise
  • We pride ourselves on meeting the Motor Industry Code of Practice standards for service, transparency and integrity

And before you go for your MOT, take a look at our recommended Pre-MOT Checklist for all the essential checks to make to help make sure your car passes first time.

Peugeot MOT


An MOT involves a check of all your parts to ensure it's working properly.

*Only available at participating dealers. Prices includes an MOT test but not any re-tests that may need to be done. Your Peugeot dealer will tell you if any extra work you will have to pay for in addition to the quoted price is necessary.

No need to worry

Worried your Peugeot may need extra repair work when you have its MOT done?

Well, take a look at our MOT Insurance. There’s a one-off premium of £39.99 and you’ll be covered for up to £750 of repair work.

You can take out the insurance as long as there’s at least three months before your MOT is due. And, naturally, you can rest assured that any repairs will be carried out by Peugeot-trained technicians using only genuine Peugeot parts.