Peugeot electric cars

As a manufacturer renowned for developing a range of vehicles that offers something for everyone, it’s no surprise that Peugeot is now providing electric and hybrid editions of some of its most popular models. Retaining the style and standout appeal of the marque, these models also offer responsive performance and incredible efficiency.


Those seeking sporty styling will undoubtedly be impressed by the sleek Peugeot e-208. Providing all-electric performance - meaning no CO2 emissions - and an aesthetic that turns heads wherever you go, you can rest assured that the e-208 will exceed expectations every time you get behind the wheel. Equally as smart is the Peugeot e-2008 SUV - a family friendly vehicle that now incorporates all-electric motoring.

You can experience the very best of Peugeot all-electric motoring by visiting the team at RRG Peugeot today. We’ll provide information on the attributes of each model, as well as detail the various charging solutions available for your home.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Zero Emissions Motoring
  • Affordable Running Costs
  • Flexible Charging Solutions

Types of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Explained

It’s always worth knowing the various options that are available when switching to electric/hybrid motoring.

Hybrid Vehicles - HEV
Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) A Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) is one that combines traditional combustion engine power with an electric motor. This battery powered motor does not require plugging in, but instead self charges via regenerative braking.
Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles - PHEV
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Also combining with a combustion engine, a plug-in hybrid does require charging from a suitable home or public device. However, the all-electric range is often far greater and thus improves economy and emissions.
Battery Electric Vehicles - BEV
Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) All-electric power can be experienced in a Battery Electric Vehicle, with the lithium-ion battery needing charging from either a home or public charging point. Zero emissions and great running costs are assured, however.
Other electric services Got a question or need help with an electric vehicle? As well as new and used electric vehicles from Peugeot, we at RRG Peugeot can also provide a host of other services such as maintenance and health checks. Get in touch to learn more and to discuss your needs with a member of our team.