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Peugeot 308

Rediscover the PEUGEOT 308 compact hatchback with an ever more assertive personality, for a rejuvenated driving experience at the wheel of the PEUGEOT digital i-Cockpit®.



At PEUGEOT, sharp design is in our DNA. Enhanced by the very latestVertigo Blue colour, PEUGEOT 308 shows off its boldness and its fluid, racy style. Its expressive front end puts the Lion centre-stage and unveils all its power with a bonnet capping a vertical chequered grille* and a dynamic bumper**.

*Standard on GT and GT Premium models

**Standard or not available depending on model

Peugeot 308
Peugeot 308 i-cockpit



Take a seat inside a world entirely designed to rejuvenate your driving sensations.
At the controls of the PEUGEOT digital i-Cockpit®, you’ll discover a more agile and intuitive driving experience thanks to the compact full-grain leather steering wheel, digital head-up instrument panel and the capacitive colour touchscreen.

PEUGEOT 308: new digital instrument panel


Thanks to the new digital head-up instrument panel, all relevant driving information is displayed above the steering wheel, clearly visible.

You can customise your driving experience by selecting one of the 6 available display modes, including one that lets you follow navigation without taking your eyes off the road.



Follow your route with complete peace of mind on the capacitive touchscreen with its new glossy look, or on the digital instrument panel.

Using TomTom® Traffic* via the connected 3D navigation, keep updated on travel news, journey time and risk areas in real time. With the Mirror screen ** function, you can duplicate compatible applications on your smartphone directly on the capacitive touch screen.

*TomTom® services can display all essential driving information in real time (real-time traffic, fuel prices, parking, weather, local searches). Subscription to all of these services is included for a 3-year period and can be extended or renewed for a fee.

For further information on Apple CarPlay™ and smartphone compatibility please visit:

**For information on Android Auto and smartphone compatibility please visit:

PEUGEOT 308: Denon Hi-Fi Pack Speaker


To enhance your driving experience, activate the Driver Sport Pack* which controls certain settings, such as acceleration responsiveness or engine sound, to indulge the senses of those who love a sportier drive.

*Standard on GT and GT Premium models



Peugeot 308

For top-level performance and pure driving pleasure, PEUGEOT 308 can be fitted with the brand’s latest generation PureTech petrol or BlueHDi diesel engines.
Depending on the engine, PEUGEOT 308 can be fitted with a 6-speed manual gearbox or the EAT88-speed automatic gearbox offering fast and fluid gear changes.



Peugeot 308

PEUGEOT 308 benefits from high-end driving aids* such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Safety Brake, Distance Alert or Active Blind Spot Monitoring.

For long journeys, you benefit from state-of-the-art equipment* including Driver Attention Alert, Speed Limit Recognition & Recommendation, Automatic PEUGEOT Smartbeam Assist and Active Lane Departure Warning. etc.
And, parking is made even easier thanks to Visiopark 1** or Park Assist**

*Standard, optional or not available depending on model
**Optional or not available depending on model

***3D illustrations of new PEUGEOT 308 contain some visual inconsistencies

Peugeot New 308 Interior details
INTERIOR: DETAILS & FINSHES A Refined Interior Fall for the charm of new PEUGEOT 308’s refined and uncluttered interior, its top-of-the-range upholstery and its high-quality finishes. 
Peugeot New 308 headrest
COMFORT ABOVE ALL At the front and at the rear, comfortably seated in the carefully designed, ergonomic wrap-around seats, taking to the road is even more of a pleasure than ever before aboard the new PEUGEOT 308.
Peugeot New 308 headlights
HEADLIGHTS Remarkably Bold To enhance its character, new PEUGEOT 308 is equipped with a light signature built into full LED* headlights which accentuate its personality both day and night. Its technological sophistication is elegantly evident with LED sequential indicator lights* and LED fog lights*. *LED: 100% Light Emitting Diode lighting - Standard, optional or not available depending on model