05 Apr 2024

PEUGEOT will make its debut at the VivaTech Show 2024, which will take place from 22nd to 25th May 2024. To mark the occasion, PEUGEOT will present its INCEPTION Concept car, embodying the vision of sustainable electric mobility and an array of technological innovations, including the revolutionary Hypersquare steering wheel.

Technological innovation is at the heart of PEUGEOT's strategy. An innovation grounded in reality, which meets the real needs of motorists and enhances the pleasure of driving.

A key motivation, when purchasing a PEUGEOT is the sleek exterior design. This design philosophy is also present within the interior, particularly evident in the i-Cockpit® which has seen constant advancements throughout each iteration, over the past 10 years. The spectacular Panoramic i-Cockpit® present in the new E-3008 and E-5008 has recently opened up new perspectives, and the artificial intelligence technology of ChatGPT is now integrated into the voice control of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® across the range. PEUGEOT is taking the next technological leap forward, by presenting its vision of driving with the Hypersquare.



Unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas in 2023, the electric PEUGEOT INCEPTION Concept car will be presented to the French public for the first time at VivaTech. With an exterior design that exudes its feline stance, a revolutionary interior featuring a new generation of i-Cockpit®, and the Hypersquare controls that reinvent the joy of driving, the PEUGEOT INCEPTION Concept embodies the brand's optimistic vision for its future electric vehicles.


VivaTech 2024 will see PEUGEOT present its latest disruptive technology, Hypersquare. Inspired by the digital and gaming world, this innovation radically transforms the driving experience and pleasure by replacing the traditional steering wheel with digital electronic controls, utilising steer-by-wire technology, and creating new gestures for a more intuitive, simpler, and more ergonomic drive.

Data and Connected Services

PEUGEOT will be joined on its stand at Vivatech 2024 by MOBILISIGHTS. The Stellantis subsidiary, specialising in DATA (DaaS), provides access to telemetry data from connected PEUGEOT vehicles and other brands within the Group. This data allows for the personalisation of the driver's experience through innovative services and applications from an ecosystem of third-party partners, intending to improve the daily lives of drivers, always and only with their consent.