5th June 2024​


PEUGEOT continues to be the nation’s favourite electric light commercial vehicle (e-LCV) manufacturer in 2024, as well as increasing its car and van sales volume by 11% year-on-year. PEUGEOT also increased its electric car sales volume by 32% in May compared to May 2023, according to the latest new vehicle registration figures published yesterday by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Strong sales performance in May contributed to what has been a successful year for the PEUGEOT, with 40,081 vehicles sold so far in 2024, compared to 35,828 sold by this time last year.

PEUGEOT is the UK’s best-selling electric van (e-LCV) manufacturer year-to-date, with the new E-EXPERT a key contributor as the UK’s most popular electric van in 2024. The brand’s share of the electric van market increased year-to-date from 14.4% to 18.2%. In the overall van market, PEUGEOT’s market share increased to 6.8%. PEUGEOT has sold over 10,100 vans so far in 2024.

From 2025, limited production of the new E-EXPERT will be manufactured at Luton, alongside continued production of the combustion van. The new PEUGEOT E-PARTNER is manufactured at Ellesmere Port, the UK’s first EV-only volume manufacturing plant. PEUGEOT, alongside its sister Stellantis brands, is the only brand to manufacture volume light commercial vehicles in the UK.

Adam Wood, Managing Director, PEUGEOT UK, said: “We’re very pleased with the performance of our electric vehicles, with the E-EXPERT the UK’s best-selling electric van, and our electric van range leading the UK’s e-LCV market. Such success demonstrates the strength of our electric line-up, showing that customers are taking advantage of the widest choice of electric vehicles of any mainstream European brand.”

PEUGEOT has grown its passenger car sales volume by 17% year-to-date, with 29,976 registrations so far this year. Combining this with PEUGEOT’s performance with LCVs, its BEV market share is 3.9%. The PEUGEOT E-208 took second place in the electric supermini segment.