PEUGEOT is one of the first car manufacturers to integrate ChatGPT* artificial intelligence into its vehicles. Initially reserved for 5,000 customers, PEUGEOT has expanded the pilot phase to 10,000 customers due to the popularity of the technology.

More committed than ever to innovation for its customers, PEUGEOT has introduced the generative artificial intelligence ChatGPT into its latest generation of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Generative artificial intelligence ChatGPT is a cutting-edge technology developed by OpenAI. This technology has knowledge taken from a huge amount of data in order to deliver sophisticated, accurate, and concise responses to its users.

Integrated into the infotainment of the innovative PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, customers simply activate the "OK PEUGEOT" voice assistant and make their requests on any subject. ChatGPT’s life-like responses are relayed via the onboard voice assistant.

ChatGPT is capable of answering a wide range of questions, both simple and complex, and can even engage customers in conversation. For example, when arriving in a new city, customers can ask ChatGPT to suggest the best monuments to visit, narrate the history of these places, and then guide drivers to these landmarks using the car's navigation system.

ChatGPT can do much more than simply answer questions. For instance, drivers can ask ChatGPT to entertain their children by organising a quiz on any number of topics, making sure that they aren’t bored on long journeys.

The customer experience is one of the key pillars of PEUGEOT’s E-LION project, and by introducing ChatGPT into its vehicles, PEUGEOT has enhanced the functionality of the voice assistant, making it more interactive, fluid and intuitive.

ChatGPT is available in the i-Cockpit® of all the latest-generation PEUGEOT models equipped with connected navigation. Eligible models include the new 208, new 2008, 308, 308 SW, 408, new 508 & 508 SW, new E-3008, new E-RIFTER, new E-TRAVELLER, new E-PARTNER, new E-EXPERT and very soon the new E-5008.

All PEUGEOT customers with eligible models can activate ChatGPT via the PEUGEOT Service Store. The introduction of ChatGPT into PEUGEOT vehicles is part of a pilot phase that allows the system to be activated and used for free for a period of 6 months**. Initially reserved for the first 5,000 customers, this offer has been extended to 10,000 customers following a subscription rate exceeding 50% in just a few days.

Following this phase, PEUGEOT will take into account user feedback to deploy ChatGPT to all customers who own an eligible connected vehicle.

*This new service leverages the power of generative artificial intelligence, including the technologies from SoundHound's Chat AI platform. ChatGPT version 3.5 utilizes data up until January 2022 at the latest, and therefore it has no knowledge of events and data occurring after that date.

**In this phase, ChatGPT will be offered, to PEUGEOT customers, in their language, in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom.