Peugeot Electric & Hybrid Cars

As more and more customers are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, there is growing demand for electric vehicles. At RRG we are proud to be doing our bit for the environment by stocking a range of the latest electric vehicles at our Peugeot locations in Rochdale and Oldham.

Whether you are interested in a stylish compact car to make those quick trips into town more eco-friendly, or an electric van to enhance the green credentials of your business, we can find a solution for you.

Discover a new way of driving with a PEUGEOT plug-in hybrid electric car. A plug-in hybrid car is versatile and allows you to take long trips using both the petrol/diesel engine and the electric motor.The latest mopdels including the new Peugeot 308 and new Peugeot 408 are available as plug-in hybrids

Whether a hatchback, estate or SUV, our range of hybrid electric cars meets all your needs, combining innovative design, environmental performance and cutting-edge technologies, without making any compromises.

If you have not owned an electric car before, you will probably have lots of questions about the different experience of driving and managing an electric vehicle. Our knowledgeable advisers will be more than happy to provide the answers and give you any additional information which might be helpful, for example on charging arrangements, costs and, where applicable, grants and incentives.

If you’ve never driven an electric vehicle before, take the opportunity now to try one out. We are sure you won’t be disappointed. Call round to one of the RRG Peugeot showrooms in Oldham or Rochdale today to see the future of motoring.