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Finance and Insurance

We also have many years’ experience in arranging finance for our customers, and we'd like to think that we're pretty good at it - in fact, we know we are.

Our finance partnerships extend beyond our manufacturers so you can be sure you’ll have access to a wide range of providers, and our dedicated transaction managers will help you choose the most suitable product.

That's why our customers keep coming back knowing that they'll get the best possible deals available, and one that is right for them.

RRG are now able to offer three ways for you to pay for your car.

By using our soft credit search, you can see how likely you are to be accepted for credit without affecting your credit score.
HP finance offers a flexible approach. You tell us your deposit (we can take your current car as deposit) and how long you want to take an agreement over and we can give you a monthly figure. At the end of the agreement you own your car.
Available when purchasing a new or a used car or van, this flexible nature of PCP finance may help you change your vehicle at more regular intervals and provide lower monthly payments, meaning you can change vehicle more often!
Personal contract hire or personal leasing is a simple, hassle free way of getting a new car for a fixed monthly sum. In essence, this sort of car finance deal is effectively a long-term rental agreement.