Toyota introduces new brand ambassador Billy Monger and Let’s Go Beyond brand campaign

Toyota introduces new brand ambassador Billy Monger and Let’s Go Beyond brand campaign

13 October 2023

Toyota is pleased to announce sports star and pundit Billy Monger as a new brand ambassador, taking up his role as the company launches its major new Let’s Go Beyond campaign.

Billy Monger is an inspirational individual who overcame a life-changing motor racing accident, rebuilding his sporting career and becoming a nationally respected figure as a commentator, pundit and champion of parasports. He is currently appearing as one of the star contestants in the BBC series Celebrity Race Across the World.

Billy’s personal story and determination perfectly reflect the spirit of Let’s Go Beyond – a desire to do better and achieve more. It’s the ethos driving Toyota’s global commitment to provide sustainable mobility for all, with no one left behind.

The campaign is launched today with a cinematic film in which Billy talks about his love of racing and the competitive spirit that drives him. His determination to turn every finish line into a new starting line is depicted in him pushing himself through racing, running, kayaking and swimming.

The film is part of a wider campaign that is being aired across TV, cinema, video-on-demand, Out of Home, YouTube, and social media. The Toyota Let’s Go Beyond film featuring Billy Monger can be viewed here:

Billy says: “For me, every challenge counts. I want to get to the next finish line, to start something new. I never stop to think about what I’ve done, it’s all about where I’ve got to get to. I don’t want to find my limits – the moment you stop pushing yourself is the moment you give up.”

The Let’s Go Beyond campaign features Billy, together with other new Toyota “Beyonders” to illustrate what Toyota is doing to deliver experiences above and beyond the expected and how every step counts on the journey to achieving ambitions.

Aged 18, Billy lost both legs in a racing incident at the Donington Park circuit in April 2017; by November that year he was already back in the cockpit. In 2018 his personal endeavour was recognised with the Helen Rollason Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Face of Adversity in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards. Since then, he has developed a high-profile media career as a member of Channel 4’s Formula 1 presentation team and expert contributor to coverage of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics and parasports.

“Ever since being a kid and chasing my motorsport dream, I’ve always liked to have a goal in sight, to visualise where I think I can get to in life,” he says. “Going Beyond for me is just about not letting anything stop you, pushing yourself and never giving up. There are always going to be bumps in the road to where you want to be, but if you have vision, it’s always worth chasing it.”

Emma Lane, Toyota (GB) General Manager Brand Communications, said: “Billy embodies what ‘Going Beyond’ means and will make a tremendous contribution to helping us build awareness and appreciation of our brand and our mobility message, particularly with younger audiences. His personal experiences, his life vision, his strong character and his natural abilities as a communicator make him an ideal Let’s Go Beyond and Toyota ambassador.”

Toyota introduces new brand ambassador Billy Monger and Let’s Go Beyond brand campaign