The all-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA: spacious, practical and elegant like a coupé​

With even more space for passengers and luggage, an elegant, coupé-style design and innovative assistance and infotainment systems, the Czech brand’s best-selling model is all set to write the next chapter in its unique success story. It comes with a range of powertrains that is more varied than ever before – for the first time, the all-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA will be available with plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid technology, in addition to efficient petrol and diesel engines as well as a particularly ecofriendly natural gas (CNG) variant. 

ŠKODA is entering new territory with the fourth-generation OCTAVIA, as evidenced by the bestseller’s range of powertrains, which now offers a wider choice than ever before in the model’s 60-year history. Outputs range from 81 kW (110 PS) to 150 kW (204 PS). The OCTAVIA iV takes the brand’s key model into the age of electric mobility. And the new model generation also marks ŠKODA’s first use of mild-hybrid technology, making the new OCTAVIA petrol variants yet more economical. Meanwhile, the latest-generation EVO diesel engines emit up to 80 per cent fewer nitrogen oxides, courtesy of the new “twin dosing” process, where AdBlue® is injected selectively upstream of two SCR catalytic converters arranged in series. And in the natural gas-powered OCTAVIA G-TEC, 17.7 kilograms of compressed natural gas (CNG) enable a range of up to 523 kilometres in its particularly eco-friendly CNG mode. 

New dynamic proportions and an even more spacious interior 

The all-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA has grown 19 millimetres in length compared to its predecessor, to 4,689 millimetres. At 1,829 millimetres, it has gained 15 millimetres in width. Coupled with a wheelbase of 2,686 millimetres, this allows for an even more generous interior than in the previous generation. All this means that the all-new OCTAVIA hatchback is the most spacious car in its class. Luggage capacity has increased by another 10 litres to 600 litres. The modified dimensions also make for new proportions. In tandem with the new ŠKODA design language, they result in the all-new OCTAVIA hatchback looking even more dynamic and emotive than its predecessor. 

The all-new Skoda  Octavia rear
The all-new Skoda  Octavia rear

Premiering numerous new assistance systems

The latest OCTAVIA is available with numerous new assistance systems, some of them making their debut in a ŠKODA model. The new Collision Avoidance Assist supports the driver by actively increasing the steering moment in the event of an impending collision with a pedestrian, cyclist or another vehicle – ideally preventing the accident through a controlled evasive manoeuvre. Another new system, the Turn Assist, can detect other vehicles early on when turning in the face of oncoming traffic at an intersection, allowing it to warn the driver or even automatically stop the vehicle. The Exit Warning system lets the driver know if another vehicle or a cyclist is approaching from behind when opening the car door. The Local Traffic Warning function automatically flags up hazards in the car’s immediate vicinity, such as a tailback ahead.

State-of-the-art connectivity

With a choice of four infotainment systems from the latest-generation Modular Infotainment Matrix and a permanent online connection via an integrated eSIM, the all-new OCTAVIA provides advanced connectivity features. The central touchscreen display measures 8.25 to 10 inches on the diagonal, and some functions can be controlled via gestures or the Laura digital voice assistant. In another first, the top infotainment system Columbus can display navigation maps in a different zoom resolution than the enhanced 10.25-inch Virtual Cockpit. The LTE connection through the eSIM ensures permanent access to the latest ŠKODA Connect Mobile Online Services, such as eCall (compulsory in EU countries), online-based infotainment applications and comprehensive remote vehicle access functions. In addition to the Phone Box for inductive smartphone charging there are up to five USB-C ports on board, including an optional one in the roof console above the rear-view mirror.