#Ride2Unite: ŠKODA hosts livestream with cycling pros, motivating fans to take part in sports

ŠKODA is encouraging amateur cyclists and fans to get back on their bikes after the coronavirus-related training break and is adding variety to everyday life with #Ride2Unite. On the company’s online platform We Love Cycling and its social media channels, cycling pros Wilco Kelderman, Michael Matthews, Andy Schleck, Philip Gilbert and Laurens ten Dam will be discussing various cycling topics with fans, offering tips as well as answering questions. In addition, ŠKODA is planning numerous other exciting activities related to cycling in the near future.

For many people, everyday life is still affected by the measures to contain the coronavirus, but in many countries, the restrictions are now being relaxed. In many places – bike fans are now taking longer cycling tours or getting back into training after stopping due to coronavirus.

As a long-time sponsor of cycling and the Tour de France, the largest and most famous cycle race in the world, ŠKODA is launching exciting campaigns and interactive events related to cycling across Europe in the coming weeks. They will be presented on the company’s social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram as well as on the company’s online platform We Love Cycling. On this site, cycling fans can also find many exciting stories, extensive reports and original videos from the world of cycling. ŠKODA is using its reach to further support the public’s growing interest in bikes and cycling sports as well as to promote enthusiasm for this sport and to attract new fans.

Using the hashtag #Ride2Unite, the international campaign appeals to active sportspeople as well as enthusiastic spectators who watch bike races at the track or on television. In the livestream videos, cycling stars Wilco Kelderman, Michael Matthews, Andy Schleck, Philip Gilbert and Laurens ten Dam will be taking questions from amateur cyclists. They will be providing insights into their everyday training, revealing how they have been keeping fit even under the current conditions and giving exclusive training tips. They will also be discussing what postponing the start of the Tour de France until the end of August means for them and how this decision has affected their preparation. Some of the pros will also be reporting directly from training and encouraging people to join in.

The next live stream session on We Love Cycling and the car manufacturer’s social media sites will take place on 27 May with former Dutch professional cyclist Laurens ten Dam. One week later, Luxembourg’s Andy Schleck, a former Tour de France winner, will be appearing as a guest and is looking forward to answering questions from fans.

Further dates will be announced on the website and social media channels in due course.