• Final of the UX Art Car competition at the internationally renowned Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille on 30 June, celebrating Lexus’ 30th anniversary
  • Chantilly guests will select the winner from four works submitted by European contemporary artists
  • Lexus LC Convertible Concept to feature in the Concours d’Élégance
  • Lexus presentation to include the new, revised RX SUV in its European premiere

Lexus will mark the 30th anniversary of its founding as a luxury brand with special presentations at the Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille, one of Europe’s leading luxury celebrations of motoring, arts and lifestyles, on 30 June. The activities will include the climax of the Lexus UX Art Car competition, presentation of the new LC Convertible Concept open-top coupe study and the European premiere of the new RX SUV.

Lexus is an official partner to the fifth edition of the event, which takes place in the formal grounds of the historic Château de Chantilly in France, 35 miles north of Paris. It is internationally renowned as a showcase for the finest classic, modern and concept cars, with competitions for the exhibits, a parade of “The Most Beautiful Cars in the World” and many other activities that celebrate the “art de vivre à la Française” – the quintessence of the French way of life. As an event dedicated to luxury, style and craftsmanship, it is the perfect setting for Lexus’s anniversary celebrations.

The thousands of visitors to Chantilly will be the judges in the final of the Lexus UX Car competition, voting for their favourite. Four examples of Lexus’s new compact crossover will be on display, each serving as a three-dimensional canvas for artists to explore ideas and emotions evoked by the car and its design, inside and out. The competition is further example of how Lexus has moved beyond the automotive world to become a luxury brand that explores new areas of lifestyle, design and creativity.

The artists whose work has been selected for the final are Ana Soler Baena and Antoñito and Manolín from Spain; the collective Leitmotiv from France; and René Turrek, from Germany. Full details of the artists and their artworks are provided below.

Lexus LC Convertible Concept

The Lexus LC Convertible Concept made its world debut at the 2019 Detroit motor show, presented as a study for a new open-top version of the LC flagship coupe. The concept car has been designed on the theme of “ultimate beauty” in every detail, from the rake of the windscreen to the contours of the rear deck. It will take part in the Concours d’Élégance at Chantilly.

European premiere of the new Lexus RX

Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille will host the European premiere of the new, revised Lexus RX luxury SUV. The updated model features enhancements to its exterior styling and changes to the suspension and braking systems to raise the quality of ride and handling and precision and responsiveness of the steering. The new RX is also the world’s first model to feature LED BladeScan technology for the headlights’ Adaptive High-beam System.

The new RX will be on display alongside the new ES saloon, the RC F Track Edition performance coupe and the famous and rare Lexus LFA supercar.

Lexus UX Art Car competition – featured artists and artworks

Bluz, by Ana Soler Baena

In Bluz, the invisible becomes visible; light takes shape and can be touched. The UX’s exterior surfaces are covered in vectors in the form of light sticks, positioned to show off the contours of the car’s design. The sticks have a fluorescent tip that is activated with a static black light.  Blue lasers are incorporated in the black sections, creating the visual effect of an infinite wake from the car’s directional styling lines. The cabin is filled with warm light and crystal spheres that resemble transparent oxygen bubbles. The sense is that the artist’s work doesn’t intervene in the skin of the UX, but in its aura.

Ana Soler Baena’s work includes huge installations that invade the exhibition space: clouds of balls, chains of molecules, floating objects and flying implements, works in which the spectator becomes the protagonist.

Gyorin Kozane (Armour of Scales), by Antoñito and Manolín

Gyorin Kozane – Armour of Scales – is an organic mesh made of blue and red scales, representing the skin of a fish – a motif that is frequently found in Japanese art and culture. The mesh is a three-dimensional structure made from a bio-epoxy material, superimposed on the UX’s bodywork like a two-dimensional canvas. Its duality and contrasting qualities converge in the same spirit as the engawa architectural concept the UX’s designers applied to create a seamless connection between the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Antoñito and Manolín – Trini Salamanca and Pablo Párraga – are self-taught artists who create experimental furniture objects using totemic, geometric shapes with apparent simplicity. Their seats, dressers and sculptures display a refined brutalism, while acknowledging the earth in their choice of colours and materials.

Leitmotiv UX Art Car, by Leitmotiv

Leitmotiv will work on-site at Chantilly to transform the UX into a sculptural art installation. Each artist will use a part of the car to express their personal skills and interpretation, giving the UX many different facets and multiple identities, from illustrative and dreamlike to abstract and spontaneous.

Leitmotiv is a collective of three French artists: Keim, Wozdat and Ygrek. All are graduates in applied arts, and exponents of urban painting. Their specialisms are complementary and combine to give their work visual energy.

The Way of the Samurai, by René Turrek

In The Way of the Samurai, René Turrek has spray-painted the passenger side of the UX with concise lines in different colours and thicknesses to symbolise the power and modern technologies of the Lexus brand. By using neon shades, he creates special effects that change when the car is viewed in daylight or under ultra-violet light. The driver’s side of the vehicle has lines that echo the curve of a samurai sword applied to a grey background that reacts to sunlight or a camera flash to turn a glowing silver-white.

Turrek is a German-born graffiti artist, designer and pioneer who has developed new paint techniques, finishing and special effects. This is his second Lexus art car, having previously turned an NX SUV into an artwork with the Lexus Forum Osnabrück in 2015.

Lexus UX