Keeping Your Car Germ Free

Keeping your car germ free is always challenging with both drivers and passengers constantly touching areas of the car each time you make a journey, from opening the door to changing gear, adjusting the heating or radio controls or switching the lights on.

All of these areas attract germs, and with hygiene particularly high on the agenda right now, they need special attention when you’re cleaning your vehicles.

To help you to keep your car as safe and clean as possible, we have identified most of the potential touch points around the car that need regularly cleaning.

Focus areas for attention?

Firstly, always clean the exterior driver’s door handle and interior driver’s handle, as well as the electric window control console. Then there’s the steering wheel and horn, the gearstick and the rear-view mirror, because most people adjust the rear-view mirror when they get in the car.

The seatbelt is another focus area. Everyone has to wear one when they get into the car, and there could be two to three touch points just on the seatbelt itself depending on peoples height and because the belt sits across your body, if you were to cough or sneeze there’s a very good chance germs get on the seatbelt or the steering wheel.

Suitable Vehicle Cleaning Products

Bleach-free antibacterial wipes are the best cost effective solution.

They’re inexpensive and kill 99.9% of germs, so they’re as safe and inexpensive you can get without going out and buying a really strong cleaner.

With a pack of wipes, a pair of gloves and a dry microfibre cloth, you can give most of the touch points a clean.

When cleaning, make sure you wipe all areas at least twice in a forwards and backwards motion to ensure they are totally clean.

When you have finished don’t forget to wash your hands!

Germs can stay on areas of your car for 72 hours, so please sanitise your vehicle regularly.

If one of our drivers is collecting your vehicle to bring it in for MOT, service, repair or part exchange please help to keep us safe by making your vehicle as germ free as possible before collection and don't forget to clean your keys before handing them to the driver.

To ensure a showroom standard finish next time you get into your car, here is a cleaning check list (in no particular order), to help you keep your car germ free.

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