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Fairhaven Lytham Vehicle Show 2018

Here at RRG Group, we’re dedicated to all things automotive. We also take great pride in contributing to the local community in the North West, helping those hosting events with the support they need to attract the best crowds. In fact, wherever possible, we always try to head down to these celebrations of the automotive world.

One such event that we’re delighted to support is the return of the Fairhaven Lytham Vehicle Show at Fairhaven Lake on September 9. Arranged by the Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group, the event is a free to attend celebration of classic cars and other vehicles dating from the 1920s through to the 1990s.

Such is the appreciation of the evolution of the motor vehicle, events such the Fairhaven Lytham Vehicle Show provide the opportunity for fans of classic cars to get up close and personal with models they may never have the chance to otherwise experience. What’s more, the event is packed with enthusiasts, meaning that there are plenty of people around with whom to share your expertise and motoring appreciation with.

Of course, the Fairhaven Lytham Vehicle Show isn’t purely for petrolheads and those with extensive knowledge of classic cars. It’s also a welcoming environment for those that may only have a passing interest of whom are looking for an enjoyable day out for the whole family.

Classic Car

To find out more about the Fairhaven Lytham Vehicle Show 2018, get in touch with the team at RRG Group today. We’re proud to be a part of the automotive industry in the North West and work hard to ensure that the new and used vehicles we provide - including those from such renowned manufacturers as Lexus, Peugeot, Nissan, and Mazda - are among the finest available. Contact us online, by phone, or in person today for more information.

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