Toyota preview the future of mobility at Geneva

Toyota have not only debuted their new 2017 face-lift Yaris and Yaris GRMN hot hatch at the Geneva Motor Show this week, but have also added the active lean, automatous, electric vehicle - the i-TRIL Concept. The new concept car has been developed by Toyota Motor Europe in collaboration with its ED2 design studio in France.

As an alternative to mini and small cars, the i-TRIL Concept offers a brand new driving experience, with the aim to bring more passion and genuine pleasure to driving. Active Lean technology is a concept rarely approached by manufacturers. This concepts rear wheels of are powered by an electric motor, staying upright at all times, leaving the body and front tyres to lean during turns, making driving more enjoyable than ever.

The cabin differs considerably in contrast to what’s currently available on the retail market; the overall theme promotes a “relaxed engagement” experience. The i-TRIL doesn’t include foot pedals, meaning one can wear whatever footwear one desires without compromising control. Voice activation is included to operate multimedia and communication, while navigation is controlled via the central driving module.

Finally, the i-TRIL is designed to accommodate 3 adults, with a main operating seat and a 2 person bench situated behind. The design of the automatous motor has a small family in mind, ideal for cruising around completing chores or traveling to social events.

Do you wish for this concept to become reality?

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