The very welcoming Nissan VMotion 2.0

This week Nissan have made their mark on the North American Auto Show in Detroit with the introduction of their innovative concept, the Nissan VMotion 2.0 Concept. Complete with a futuristic name, the vehicle is full to the brim with exciting tech and beautiful aesthetics.

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At 191.3 inches long, Nissan have combined traditional wood flooring, a white leather interior and accents of rose gold (which certainly adds to the modern appeal). Nissan’s design chief Shiro Nakamura explains “The interior and exterior of cars are becoming very different, I think the exterior will not change so much. The exterior is a way to show the taste of the brand, and to express the customer’s taste.

The car includes a widescreen dash display, Bose Ultra sound system allowing speaker calls to only be heard from the driver and smaller screens for the entertainment of the passengers.

Forgetting aesthetic design for one second, the VMotion is a perfect example of Nissan’s ‘Intelligent Mobility’ concept, featuring the Nissan’s ProPILOT autonomous drive technology making motorway travel convenient and accessible. ProPILOT employs advanced image-processing technology; the car's ProPILOT system understands road and traffic situations and executes precise steering enabling the vehicle to perform naturally. Now doesnt that sound like the future?

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