Toyota Hybrid Cars

Toyota has been at the forefront of hybrid car technology from the day it launched its first Prius, 20 years ago. And seven million people have since come around to the idea of a car with two engines – appreciating that good things really do come in pairs.

Among RRG’s range of quietly charged Toyota hybrids is the stylish, customisable and spacious Toyota Yaris. We also offer the pioneering Toyota Prius, which boasts a sleek design and exceptional fuel efficiency, and the Toyota Auris, a dynamic hatchback with capable and intuitive performance. All of our vehicles come with Toyota’s comprehensive 12-month warranty scheme.

The hybrid’s dual engines work seamlessly in tandem for maximum efficiency, and provide a quiet smooth drive on the road. The electric motor takes over from the combustion engine at lower speeds, meaning that you'll use less fuel and save money at the pumps. Toyota hybrid batteries also last for the lifetime of the car, and use the excess energy generated by the vehicle to ensure they're always charged.

To find out more about which Toyota hybrid vehicles we offer, check our website. You’ll also find a dedicated hybrid page which explains hybrid technology in more detail, and breaks down the main benefits you'll receive as a driver of a Toyota hybrid car.

All of our Toyota hybrids are available to test drive and purchase from any of our 11 Toyota dealerships in the North West and Yorkshire. Our team will be happy to discuss our Toyota vehicles in more detail, and can also outline our flexible pricing options.