The Toyota Prius is known as the most popular Toyota vehicle, firmly establishing itself as one of the world’s bestselling hybrid cars. The Prius officially launched in 1997 and has steadily become a staple vehicle selling over 3.5 million Prius models. With the Prius undergoing over twenty years of development, the car delivers the perfect combination of efficiency and performance.

For agile city users the Prius often used electric power to remain nimble and easy to manoeuvre. However, for longer and more adventurous country drives the petrol engine comes to life to provide a boost of power and performance. The seamless transition between electric and petrol power is almost silent, providing an effortless and unified changeover.

The Toyota Prius offers three different driving modes. The first being “normal” which provides a balance between fuel economy and speed responsiveness, the second function being “eco” which adjusts the powertrain and air-conditioning to save fuel, and the third mode being “power” which enhances acceleration.

Explore our used Toyota Prius range here to find your perfectly suited Toyota Prius model. By purchasing from RMB Toyota you can be sure to drive away in not only the most comfortable but also most thrill-seeking vehicle to suit your needs.

Each one of our used Toyota cars is vigorously tested by our manufacturer-trained technicians before it is permitted for sale. Don’t hesitate to contact our expert teams today in the North West and Yorkshire who will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

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