Discover the Toyota Electrified range

We have long embraced innovative new technology to build better cars. An electrified car is propelled by an electric motor to some extent. Some electrified cars, including Hybrids and Plug-in Hybrids, also have a petrol engine. Others, like the Toyota bZ4X, are entirely electric. Our range of electrified vehicles deliver an uncompromising blend of reliability and performance.

Hybrid Electric

Self-charging hybrid

Using a combination of petrol and electric, or pure electric energy, with no need to plug-in.

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Plug-in Electric

Plug-in hybrid

Powerful Hybrid technology with the capability to cover shorter daily trips in pure-electric mode.

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Battery Electric

Battery electric

Battery electric vehicles do not have a tailpipe and run on battery power alone.

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Benefits of hybrid and electric vehicles

Easy to drive

All of our hybrid and electric vehicles are automatic, delivering a smooth, effortless drive.

Lower emissions

Hybrid and electric vehicles produce fewer emissions than conventionally powered vehicles.

Impressive range

Our hybrids and plug-in hybrids use a combination of petrol and electric, or pure electric energy, giving flexibility in how you drive. Electric vehicles such as the Toyota bZ4X have an impressive range.

Hybrid and electric cars can save you money

In a hybrid, you can travel in electric up to 55%* of the time, saving money on fuel compared ot a conventional car. Whilst a pure electric car can be cost efficient to charge at home, and company car drivers benefit from low benefit in kind rates.