Discover Plug-in Hybrid Electric Cars

Our plug-in hybrids take you a step closer to a full electric car. They have a bigger battery, and when charged, you can travel further on pure electric energy than a self-charging hybrid.

Refuel when needed

As a plug-in hybrid also has a petrol engine, you can top up your Toyota Plug-in Hybrid at a petrol station, as you would a conventional car.

Plug-in for more electric energy

For fast charging, install a charger at your home and use public EV chargers. You can also charge your Toyota Plug-in Hybrid from a standard plug when needed.

Reduced emissions at the tailpipe

When driving in pure electric mode, there are zero emissions at the tailpipe and no fuel is used. When needed the car switches between a blend of petrol and electric, and pure electric energy.

Charging your Plug-in Hybrid

Close up of man charging a Toyota Plugin

Fast charging

You can install EV chargers on your driveway, or can also be found in car parks and workplaces. These are the quickest ways to recharge your plug-in hybrid.​

Close up of a Toyota car being charged

Slow charging

Toyota plug-in hybrid electric vehicles can be charged from a normal plug socket.