Toyota Electric & Hybrid

As one of the automotive industry’s true pioneers of electric and hybrid engine technology, you can rest assured that the latest models from Toyota will continue to exceed expectations. Discover more about the low emission, fuel efficient lineup of vehicles from this acclaimed marque.


When choosing to make the switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle, there are few manufacturers better placed to exceed expectations than Toyota. This is a marque that has been at the forefront of the technology for years, with models such as the Prius transforming the industry as a whole. In its latest lineup, the manufacturer adopts full electric performance too.

With the new Prius Plug-In, you have the opportunity to enjoy 100% electric motoring, while the latest editions of the Yaris, RAV4 and Corolla are all available in hybrid iterations. Plus, each model continues to exude the quality for which the manufacturer is known, with all vehicles packed with intelligent technology and offering the utmost safety. 

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Key Benefits Include:

  • Affordable running costs
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Fewer mechanical issues
  • Convenient charging solutions

Types of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Explained

You can learn more about the various electric and hybrid options below.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) A Hybrid Electric Vehicle from Toyota has the ability to switch from combustion engine power to all-electric power seamlessly, emitting zero emissions in this mode. The battery is self charging and does not require plugging in.
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Often providing an increased all-electric range, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles require the battery to be charged either at home or at a public charge point, and will provide additional power and improved fuel economy to the combustion engine.
Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) As the name suggests, a Battery Electric Vehicle operates on battery power alone, meaning the vehicle emits zero CO2 emissions and is cost effective to run, with a selection of home and public charge solutions available.
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) Similar to a BEV, a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle is powered entirely by electrical energy. However, this is produced by a fuel cell stack from hydrogen gas stored within the vehicle, resulting in the only emissions being water.
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