Toyota Seasonal Check

In the UK, it is a well-worn trope that our weather and climate is highly seasonal. The changes in temperature, rainfall, and levels of UV light all play a part in how well your Toyota performs year round. Of course, rain and freezing temperatures have an impact on road conditions and your tyres' ability to get to operating temperature quickly, but the extreme temperature rises and concentrated rays from the sun can also cause faster degradation of rubber seals, windscreen wipers, and a number of other susceptible parts.

Our Seasonal Check at RRG is all about making sure that your Toyota, or any other make of car, is well prepared for the season ahead. We will inspect your vehicle for tyre wear, any issues with its lighting, screenwash concentration and levels, the condition of your wiper blades, exhaust, and steering and suspension components - all of the parts necessary for keeping you safely on the road through the coming months.

Our team of highly experienced and trained technicians will perform your checks while you relax in our showroom with a complimentary fresh tea or coffee, browse the internet on our WiFi, or read the newspapers. We want your experience of ownership and enjoyment of driving your Toyota, or any other make and model, to be as stress-free and as safe as possible. Because of this our seasonal checks are incredibly thorough and completely free.

We’re committed to keeping you and your Toyota safe.

Performance: Trained technicians inspect important areas of your Toyota

Safety: Items checked include: wipers, bulbs, battery, coolant and tyres
Peace of mind: Safer travel for when temperatures fall

The check includes;
Anti-Freeze Check.
Brake Inspection.
Exhaust Check.
Bodywork and trim.
Windscreen wipers and bulbs.
Battery Check- We will check the condition of your battery to make sure you are ready for any weather.
Air Con ventilation system - is it performing as it should, and your heater too?
• Essential fluid levels- engine oil, screen wash & coolant.
• Tyre Pressure - We will ensure all tyres are inflated to the recommended pressures.
We will top up your screen wash & oil to recommended levels.
• We will check that all your tyres are in good condition to cope with any hazards you might face while driving.

To find out more about our seasonal checks and book your car in, please contact your local RRG Group centre today. One of our friendly team will be happy to take your call and explain in more detail. You can also book online by completing one of our booking forms. We look forward to welcoming you and looking over your vehicle to help safeguard your journeys through the coming season.