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Toyota has a vision of how mobility looks in the future, which is shown through their Woven City project. Woven City is an exploratory project for expanding mobility and well-being to build the future fabric of life. Phase 1 is due to complete in 2024/25. Toyota believe that an environment free from common obstacles, empowers inventors to focus on bringing their ideas to life. Woven city is a project that allows this to be brought to life.

Hydrogen mobility solutions are also a part of Toyota’s vision for the future. Toyota are pioneers in hydrogen technology, which is shown through the launch of the Mirai in December 2014, which is the first hydrogen vehicle to be mass produced and sold commercially. This has only evolved since as they have now worked with CaetanoBus to engineer a hydrogen powered bus. Toyota currently use a hydrogen bus at their Manufacturing plant in Burnaston, Derby. The bus has a range of around 250 miles and can be refuelled in under 9 minutes. This is the catapult to hydrogen powered mobility solutions that provide a cleaner future.

As a partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Toyota have also committed to providing a fleet of 100% electrified passenger vehicles, to highlight what a hydrogen ecosystem could look like, and it will encourage the rolling of a hydrogen infrastructure. This reinforces the message of ‘mobility for all’ that Toyota see as their vision for the future.

In 2021, Toyota revealed to offer 30 battery electric vehicles by 2030. So, if the current bZ4X isn’t right for you, the other bZ vehicles may be. This highlight’s Toyota’s journey to cleaner fuel sources, whether it be Electric Vehicles or Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology.

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