Toyota's Electric Evolution

  • Toyota have published concept images for their upcoming EV range
  • 2 EV's will be introduced to Europe by 2025
  • The bZ4X is a versatile vehicle, made to fit an array of lifestyles
  • Listen to what our customers think about the bZ4X

Currently, Toyota has one fully electric car, the All-Electric Toyota bZ4X. This is Toyota’s first EV, which launched in July 2023. This vehicle is the first of many upcoming EV's for Toyota’s future beyond Zero (bZ) range.

Toyota have released images for their 30 bZ vehicles (including Lexus), which will all be launched by 2030. The image to the right depicts concept images of Toyota's BEV lineup. They have made a significant step towards sustainability and electric mobility, not only from their hybrid technology and hydrogen fuel research, but their plan towards electrification.

Toyota have also revealed concept images for two All-Electric vehicles that are scheduled to be introduced by 2025. One being a Sport Crossover and an Urban SUV. There isn’t currently any additional information but there details are likely to follow in later 2024/early 2025.

The Urban SUV concept is a close-to-production design that is due to be revealed in 2024. It is a vehicle that will compete in the B-SUV segment, which draws on the success of the current Yaris Cross.

The Sport Crossover Concept is a BEV alternative from the SUV market and is scheduled to be introduced in Europe in 2025.

So, what is it like living with EV, is it practical? And would it work for you? Our answer is, there’s a solution for everyone. Fully electric vehicles are great commuter cars, with little costs for charging the vehicles. Overnight charging tariffs are the cheapest way to charge your vehicle, for less than 10p/kWh. It makes an ideal vehicle for your commute to work, due to its economy and the benefit of zero tailpipe emissions.

They also make for great family cars. Whether it’s nipping to the supermarket for the food shop or a day trip to the beach. Accessories such as a bike rack, roof box or even the handy bootliner can also make family adventures easier and more fun. The bZ4X houses plenty of space for the family, with great boot sizes along with the style and practicality.

Or, grab an EV for any of your hobbies, whether it’s camping, golfing or anything in between. The bZ4X has the power and capability, without compromise on performance. It houses 204-218 horsepower, depending on the model you opt for. Not only can you get to wherever you need with performance, our vehicles allows you to drive with comfort.

There is also the option of All Wheel Drive option for the bZ4X for more enhanced handling and performance, which can benefit particularly driving in tougher terrain. The electric motor also means it is quicker ‘off the line’, in comparison to vehicles without an electric motor.

Here are a few additional features and statistics for the bZ4X:

  • Range of up to 318 miles*
  • 0mpg, 2% BIK tax (as of 2024)
  • 452 litre boot space


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