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Owner reviews

4,7 out of 5

Fuel Economy
up to 68.8 mpg

from 93 g/km

Strengthening the model’s unique DNA, Toyota's designers and engineers have not only reinforced the AYGO's youthful and distinctive image, but also improved its performance and handling characteristics to make it even more fun to drive. 

Refined, distinctive and connected, AYGO is well-equipped to meet your needs.

Distinctive youthful looks

The New AYGO retains its iconic frontal 'X' signature, now transformed from a two-dimensional graphic into a more powerful, three-dimensional architectural element. 

The distinctive new frontal design incorporates redesigned “keen look” headlamp clusters, with integral Daytime Running Lights (DRL) further reinforcing New AYGO’s striking looks at first sight. The lower section frames the front grille and emphasises the New AYGO's stable stance, and the agility inherent in a compact vehicle. 

In profile, the more three-dimensional front combines with newly designed outer lenses in the rear lamp clusters to visually connect the front and rear, giving the impression of forward movement and increased dynamism. 

At the rear, the new LED DRL light guides give the New AYGO a sophisticated look and make the model instantly recognisable. The unique light signature creates the perception of a compact cabin above a wider lower bumper area, to emphasise the rear width and stability of the vehicle.

Safety Features

Ready for the unexpected

Compact and streetwise, AYGO has all the ingredients to keep you safe.
Equipped with Pre-Collision System (PCS) and Lane Departure Alert (LDA) –AYGO’s prepared for any eventuality.


Pre-Collision System

Toyota Safety Sense's Pre-Collision System* uses a camera and laser to detect other vehicles in the road ahead. When the possibility of collision is detected the driver is alerted with audio and visual warnings and brake assistance is activated. If the driver fails to brake in time the brakes automatically engage to prevent or mitigate a collision. 
Part of Toyota Safety Sense Technology - standard on x-clusiv - optional on other grades (excluding x grade)


Lane Departure Alert

Using a camera to detect the lane markings in the road ahead, Toyota Safety Sense's Lane Departure Alert will give the driver audible and visual warnings if the vehicle starts to deviate from its lane without the turn indicator being applied – the driver can then take corrective action. 
Part of Toyota Safety Sense Technology - standard on x-clusiv - optional on other grades (excluding x grade)


Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)

HAC helps to ensure a smooth start on steep inclines by applying the brakes for up to 2 seconds after the brake pedal is released. This prevents the vehicle from rolling back. It is activated by pushing the brake pedal harder after stopping as long as the transmission shift lever is in any forward gear position. 
Part of Toyota Safety Sense Technology - standard on x-clusiv - optional on other grades (excluding x grade)


Tyre Pressure Warning System (TPWS)

The system features a sensor valve within each wheel to constantly monitor tyre air pressure. These sensors link with a dashboard indicator that illuminates to warn you if the pressure falls below the recommended level. By doing so, the system contributes to safer driving, better tyre wear and greater fuel efficiency.
Part of Toyota Safety Sense Technology - standard on x-clusiv - optional on other grades (excluding x grade)

Always Connected

Smartphone integration, powered by Pioneer, is compatible with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ allows you to always be connected* 
*Specifications may vary depending on grade

Grades tailored to appeal to all

The New AYGO’s grades will appeal to the tastes and needs of different customers. x-play lies at the heart of the New AYGO and is the basis for all customisation options, which allow customers to tailor their car to their personal taste. The new high-grade x-clusiv builds on the x-play standard specifications with a distinctive bi-tone paint scheme in a choice of three colours.

Our new special edition x-cite is the most extrovert variant of the New AYGO range, thanks to a unique magenta exterior colour in a bi-tone finish, dedicated 15" all black alloys, Manhattan seat fabric, body coloured inserts for the air vents and gear-knob, and piano black instrument panel and gear lever surround.

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