Charging & Range

With Toyota's drive towards a lower emission future, we’ve created a simple guide to help you manage your range and show what charging options you have for your new plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle.

Different types of electrified engine

Toyota offer 4 types of electrified engines, each with different charging and range characteristics.

Self-charging Hybrid

Such as our Yaris Hybrid

Charging: none required, self-charging battery

Range: determined by fuel, not battery capacity

Plug-in Hybrid

Such as our RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid

Charging: home socket or charger & fast public charger

Range: up to 46 miles* on battery alone but will use the petrol engine to recharge the battery on the move

Battery Electric

Such as our All-New Toyota bZ4X

Charging: home socket or charger & fast or rapid public charger

Range: up to 318 miles*

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Such as our Mirai

Charging: none required, powered by hydrogen

Range: up to 400 miles^ on a full tank of hydrogen

Ways to charge

Toyota ways to charge graphic


For: Battery electric vehicles

The fastest way to charge your battery electric vehicle. There are over 4,000 public rapid charge points across the UK.

Toyota ways to charge graphic


Plug-in hybrids, battery electric vehicles

Much faster than a normal plug, these wall-boxes can be installed at home or found in many public and workplace car parks.

Toyota ways to charge graphic


Plug-in hybrids, battery electric vehicles

Available through either a normal wall socket at home, or public 3 - 6kWh chargers found in places such as car parks and hotels.

Toyota Proace City Electric parked charging

Charging your electric vehicle on the move

Discover how we can support charging your electric vehicle when out and about with the Toyota Charging Network.

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How to plug in to a charger

You will use a different cable to plug in depending on how you charge your vehicle. When you buy a Toyota electric vehicle, two cables will be included with the vehicle:

  • A 3 Pin Plug cable which is used for slow charging with a 3 pin plug at home.
  • A 32A Type A Mennekes cable which is used for fast charging at home with a dedicated EV charger or when you are using a fast public charger.

When you use a public rapid charger to charge your electric vehicle, the charger will have a cable fitted already, and you simply need to plug it into your vehicle.

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Plugging in car charger

Charge often for maximum efficiency

When you make the move to electric, it is important to think about how and when you will charge your vehicle.

We recommend that you take every opportunity to charge your vehicle – at home, or on trips out, if the car is parked, it is beneficial to charge when you can rather than drive until the battery is empty.

This not only uses your time effectively, it is best for battery life too.

Electric vehicle range

The type of vehicle and the size of the battery determines the range of an electric vehicle. In addition to this, as with any vehicle, however it is powered, the range also depends on a number of factors such as weather and driving style.

The maximum range of our electric vehicles is impressive, for example, our All-New, All-Electric bZ4X has a range of up to 318 miles*.

Toyota bZ4X on back street