Used Lexus Big Savings Offer

There are currently some significant savings to be made on selected ex-demonstrator and approved pre-owned Lexus models at Lexus Bolton, Lexus Bradford and Lexus Stockport.

Savings of up to £14,390* are available on models across the range including CT, IS, GS, NX and RX with a range of trim levels including Premier, Luxury, Executive, Advance and F-Sport.

Low rate 3.9% APR Representative finance available

Model Colour Combination Registration Mileage List Price Our Price Save Site
RX450h Premier Panoramic Roof Graphite Black-Black YE17XVM7542 £60,290 £45,900 £14,390Bradford
RX450h Premier Panoramic Roof Deep Blue-Ivory YC67ETL10050 £60,290 £47,990 £12,300Bradford
IS300h F-Sport Premium Navigation Velvet Black-Rose MW17HNC6487 £38,990 £26,995 £11,995Bolton
NX300h F-Sport Premier Pack Panoramic Roof F-Sport White-Rose MF67URY3378 £46,090 £35,495 £10,595Bolton
GS300h F-Sport ML Sunroof Graphite Black-Rose MC17BHZ6121 £45,005 £34,995 £10,010Bolton
RX450h F-Sport Premier Pack Panoramic Roof F-Sport White-Black MA67UBF5700 £59,740 £49,995 £9,745Bolton
RX450h Premier Panoramic Roof Mercury Grey-Black YH67ESV8950 £60,290 £50,990 £9,300Bradford
RC300h F-Sport Premium Navigation ML Sunroof Sonic Titanium-Clove MF67WPZ3542 £44,265 £34,995 £9,270Bolton
RX450h Luxury Panoramic Roof Sonic White-Black MT67ZXL3064 £54,035 £44,990 £9,045Stockport
GS300h Luxury ML Graphite Black-Ivory MK67GXP8127 £40,505 £31,750 £8,755Stockport
RC300h F-Sport Premium Navigation ML Azure Blue-Grey ML67DNN6838 £42,715 £33,990 £8,725Stockport
CT200h Sport Plus 2Tone Sky Blue-Black MT17UKF6756 £27,715 £18,995 £8,720Bolton
NX300h Premier Sonic White-Black MJ67XCN3242 £45,490 £36,990 £8,500Stockport
IS300h Sport Velvet Black-Black ML67DNO6129 £34,445 £25,990 £8,455Stockport
RC300h F-Sport Premium Navigation F-Sport White-Rose YH67ESY8545 £42,265 £33,890 £8,375Bradford
IS300h Executive Velvet Black-Black ML67DNJ3680 £33,345 £24,990 £8,355Stockport
CT200h Sport Plus Graphite Black-Black YD67OZV3041 £27,465 £19,150 £8,315Bradford
NX300h Premier Mercury Grey-Ivory YE67RRY5024 £45,040 £36,990 £8,050Bradford
CT200h F-Sport Leather Graphite Black-Black YB17NMV6275 £30,110 £22,150 £7,960Bradford
GS300h Executive Sonic Titanium/Black MA67EOZ5103 £36,735 £28,995 £7,740Bolton
IS300h Advance Velvet Black-Black YD67OZN4551 £34,435 £26,990 £7,445Bradford
CT200h Sport Plus 2T Sonic White-Black MF67MZN3425 £27,705 £21,450 £6,255Stockport
CT200h Sport Plus 2T Sonic White-Black MF67MZO3705 £27,705 £21,450 £6,255Stockport
CT200h Sport Plus 2T Sonic White-Black MF67MZP2494 £27,705 £21,450 £6,255Stockport
CT200h Sport Plus Sonic White-Black YD67OZK3952 £27,465 £21,490 £5,975Bradford
CT200h Advance Fuji Red-Black YC67GKG3068 £26,215 £20,450 £5,765Bradford
CT200h Sport Velvet Black-Black ML67NVV3601 £24,705 £18,990 £5,715Stockport
IS300h Premier Mercury Grey-Tan YE67RPY18 £40,485 £34,900 £5,585Bradford
CT200h Advance Graphite Black-Black ML67NVT2599 £26,565 £20,990 £5,575Stockport
NX300h Premier Mercury Grey-Black MM67GHD1368 £45,490 £39,995 £5,495Bolton
CT200h Executive Sonic Titanium-Ivory MF67OKX4314 £25,315 £19,995 £5,320Bolton
CT200h Sport 2Tone Sonic Titanium-Black MF67OKZ4553 £25,315 £19,995 £5,320Bolton
IS300h Executive Velvet Black-Black MW67NVG10 £32,275 £26,990 £5,285Stockport
NX300h F-Sport Premier Pack Panoramic Roof Graphite Black-Rose MM67GHF1650 £46,090 £40,995 £5,095Bolton
IS300h Executive Sonic Titanium-Black MW67NVD1413 £33,970 £28,990 £4,980Stockport
CT200h Luxury 2Tone Black/Titanium-Black ML67HNJ2403 £26,865 £21,995 £4,870Bolton
CT200h Luxury Sky Blue-Black MF67XEJ4897 £26,955 £22,450 £4,505Stockport
NX300h Luxury Nav Panoramic Roof Convienience Mesa Red-Black MM67XNT872 £40,485 £35,990£4,495Stockport
NX300h Luxury Premium Navigation Sky Blue-White MA67UBG1986 £38,990 £34,495 £4,495Bolton
NX300h F-Sport Navigation Panoramic Roof Graphite Black-Rose YE67RRU392 £41,035 £36,800 £4,235Bradford
CT200h Premier Graphite Black-White MT67ZXP3329 £31,455 £27,250 £4,205Stockport
RX450h Sport Sonic White/Black MM67GHB 1000 £52,290 £48,495 £3,795Bolton
CT200h Premier Deep Blue-White MM67SZF1412 £31,455 £27,995 £3,460Bolton
IS 30h Executive Graphite Black-Black YC67GKJ3548 £32,435 £28,990 £3,445Bradford
CT200h Advance Deep Blue-Black YE67RPX7 £26,215 £22,900 £3,315Bradford

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List of models available*Prices correct at time of publication

*Saving of £14,390 based on RX450h Premier Panoramic Roof, Graphite Black-Black, YE17XVM, Located at Lexus Bradford