The "Luxury Mover" represents the fourth addition to the Lexus Next Chapter lineup, which already includes the highly successful all-new NX, RX, and all-electric RZ SUVs. This new model marks the latest milestone in a comprehensive product lineup renewal, featuring fresh platforms, advanced powertrains, and cutting-edge technologies.


The new LM by Lexus features a unique and confident road presence with a focus on "dignified elegance." Its proportions allow for ease of use and manoeuvrability, with a generous width, height, and 3,000 mm wheelbase maximizing space for rear passengers. The LM introduces a new Lexus identity with a bold frontal treatment and a "breaking" of the spindle grille. The flowing lines of the LM are accentuated by blacked-out front and rear pillars and an open feel generated by the large glass area. Large sliding side doors provide easy access, and the LM comes with 19-inch forged alloy wheels and three deep-lustre "sonic" finishes to reflect its prestige.


Lexus Bolton and Lexus Stockport are proud to offer the LM, a vehicle that perfectly balances driving pleasure and ride comfort. Achieving this balance can be challenging, but Lexus has achieved this by leveraging the quality, high body rigidity, and advanced drive, braking, and suspension technologies of the GA-K platform. The result is a vehicle that delivers excellent dynamics while preserving the smooth and comfortable ride that Lexus is known for. Visit us today to experience the perfect blend of performance and comfort that the LM has to offer.


The new Lexus LM offers a smartphone-style multi-operation panel, allowing for quick and intuitive adjustments to multiple cabin features. This includes managing the audio system, climate control, seat functions, interior lighting, and window blinds. Additionally, the LM provides a voice recognition function that responds specifically to commands from rear seat passengers.

Both versions of the LM are equipped with a bespoke Mark Levinson 3D Surround Sound reference audio system. The four-seat model features a 23-speaker array, while the seven-seater has a 21-speaker set-up, providing high-quality sound reproduction akin to a home theatre system. The four-seat model also boasts a 48-inch widescreen HD monitor and a cabin partition with three viewing modes, while the seven-seater includes a 14-inch rear multimedia display.

Lexus has developed its Climate Concierge system for the LM, extending its features and functionality beyond air conditioning to cover more aspects of the cabin environment. This personal "butler" ensures everything meets the user’s requirements, allowing for one-touch control of personal preferences for air conditioning, rear cabin lighting, window shades, and seat recline position, with operation tailored to each individual occupant.


Introducing the all-new Lexus LM, available in both 7-seater and Takumi 4-seater models. In the 7-seater version, the middle row of VIP seats takes centre stage with prioritised space and easy-to-reach functions. Additionally, a third row with three flip-up seats is available, perfect for when more load space is required.

The Takumi 4-seater model of the LM features a partition between the front and rear cabins that houses a 48-inch widescreen monitor and a dimmable glass panel, providing the ultimate in privacy and entertainment. The bespoke Mark Levinson 3D Surround Sound audio system boasts an impressive 23-speaker array, while the Lexus Climate Concierge system uses thermal sensors to provide precise control over heating and ventilation, further enhancing cabin comfort.

Please note that some of these features are available only on selected grades and packs. Come visit us to learn more about these exceptional vehicles and discover the perfect one for you.

TAZUNA DRIVER'S COCKPIT Simpler control, greater focus The driver's cockpit in the new Lexus LM follows the Tazuna concept, allowing for intuitive control of the principal controls, meters and information sources with small hand or eye movements, keeping the driver focused on the road. This contributes to the Lexus Driving Signature, offering a sense of control and connection with the vehicle and comfort on any journey. The layout includes a steering wheel that is closer to the driver and set at a more upright angle, with pedals and a footrest that are precisely positioned for optimal comfort.
OUTWARD VIEW KEY TO WELLBEING Avoiding car sickness can be a challenge, especially when using screens or reading while in the car. To tackle this issue, Lexus has designed the LM with large windows to create a spacious feel and help passengers perceive the car's movement. The LM has large side windows, fixed windows in the roof, and an unobstructed view through the windscreen. This open design promotes a comfortable and enjoyable journey for everyone.
ULTIMATE OMOTENASHI Personalised luxury, comfort and well-being in every detail. The centre partition in the four-seat model has a clear glass upper section, giving rear seat passengers a direct view of the road ahead. This can be opened or closed, and, when privacy is desired, it can be dimmed at the touch of a button. The cabin is illuminated by indirect, ambient lighting in the ceiling and side trim, with further ceiling-mounted spotlights and, in the four-seat model, shadow lighting at floor level. The interior can be enhanced with a wide range of different ambient lighting colour settings, include 14 shades curated in five different mood themes: Healing, Relaxing, Arousing, Focusing and Exhilarating.