Lexus Parts & Accessories


Taking your car to a Lexus Centre or Service Outlet means you can trust that we will only ever fit genuine Lexus parts and accessories - without exception. Each part has been solely designed for your vehicle and, reassuringly, will only be fitted by specially trained technicians.

From brake pads to automatic gearboxes, roof racks to tow bars, you can expect a definitive range of reliable parts and accessories that meets the high quality standards of Lexus.

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Every Lexus Centre or Service Outlet will only ever allow genuine Lexus parts to be fitted by specially trained technicians. From brake pads to automatic gearboxes, you can expect a definitive range of reliable parts that meets the high quality standards of Lexus.

We will normally ensure that all parts are available in advance for your service or repair. If it’s discovered that additional replacement parts are needed, they’ll be ordered via our Same Day Service. This ensures that we can complete your repair quickly and get your car back on the road in the shortest time possible.

The Motor Industry Code of Practice is a government approved voluntary scheme that aims to guarantee certain standards of fair dealing, service quality and price transparency. Lexus fully supports these aims and is a committed member of the scheme.

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At Lexus, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories, allowing you to personalise your car to meet your requirements. Our accessories include everything from excellent technology, storage options, safety equipment and styling enhancements to cater for your individual needs.

All of our accessories are designed by Lexus engineers to fit your car exactly and are built to the highest level of quality you’d expect from Lexus.

All Lexus accessories come with a minimum 12 month warranty, extending up to 3 years for factory fitted, non-removable items.

Your local Lexus Centre will happily explore your needs and explain all of our accessory options available. Furthermore, your local Centre can offer a fitting service for any of the accessories in the range.


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We offer an extensive range of car valeting products for continued maintenance of your vehicle throughout the year. These valeting products will help to protect your investment by keeping your vehicle in showroom condition for an extremely competitive price. The range of valeting products extends from individual items to aftercare kits containing a number of products, all of which are available from your Lexus Centre.


For a truly professional valet service, our Lexus Centres can offer mini or full valeting, a service with the high standards and attention to detail that you would expect from us. Please ask your local Centre for further information and pricing.


You can be guaranteed to maintain a high quality showroom finish with Lexus Paint and Interior protection. Our Centre’s offer a range of paint and interior protection options designed to defend paintwork from the rigours of driving, ensuring that the showroom finish of your vehicle is maintained.

What’s more, we’ve partnered with our preferred supplier, Supagard, one of the UK’s leading specialists in paint and interior protection, to offer a range of products developed by industry experts to the highest quality as you’d expect from Lexus*.

Please contact your Local Lexus Centre for further information on the paint and interior protection options available for your Lexus.

*Supagard treatment products available at participating Lexus Centres.


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If your Lexus is ever stolen, you can trust our vehicle tracking system, provided by Tracker, to reunite you with your car.

Tracker is the only stolen vehicle recovery product operated by all police forces in the UK, so you can be guaranteed the highest chance of having your Lexus recovered.

Using clever technology, Tracker allows your vehicle to be tracked by the police, even if the vehicle is hidden in a garage, container or underground car park.

You can also transfer your Tracker subscription onto your new Lexus if you decide to upgrade.

Please contact your local Lexus Centre to find out more about Tracker stolen vehicle recovery.