Lexus announces record global sales

7 February 2024

Lexus achieved record global sales results in 2023 with 824,258 new cars sold, an increase of 32 per cent on the previous year’s total. The growth is attributed to strong demand, particularly in Europe, North America and Japan, and a return to more stable parts supply.

The European market saw a 46 per cent rise to more than 69,000 vehicles. This total includes a new record result in the UK where 15,963 units were sold. In Japan, sales more than doubled to 94,647 units, while in North America the total rose by almost a quarter (24 per cent) to 355,606.

The sales ratio of Lexus’s electrified vehicles – battery electric, hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric – reached a new global high of 47 per cent; in the UK the electrified share is above 99 per cent. Lexus has also become one of the fastest-growing premium car brands in Europe, supported by strong sales of key models including the NX and RX luxury SUVs.

Regional sales results for January-December 2023 are as follows.

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Region2023 unit sales2022 unit salesIncrease 2023 vs 2022
North America355,606286,812+24%
Asia 236,587209,562+13%
East Asia43,93026,693+65%
Middle East46,47228,967+60%

Lexus International President Takashi Watanabe said: “We express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of our global customers for their unwavering support of Lexus vehicles. Lexus will continue to drive unique initiatives, focusing on the development and promotion of battery electric vehicles in pursuit of realising a carbon-neutral society. In addition, we are committed to responding promptly and accurately to customer needs, adapting to the changing times, and continuously striving to craft cars that bring joy to our customers.”