A convenient, low risk way to finance the Lexus you want to drive today. We set a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) for your Lexus based on the term of your agreement and how many miles you expect to drive each year. This protects the value of your Lexus at the end of the agreement. Payments are spread over an agreed period, and at the end of the agreement, provided that you have made all of your contracted payments, you have the option to upgrade, pay the GFV and keep your vehicle, or simply hand it back (subject to maximum mileage and meeting reasonable wear and tear conditions). See further details below.


Lexus Pesonal Contract Purchase means you drive the Lexus you want with fixed, low monthly payments for the length of your agreement with no hidden costs. If trade in values do fall, the value of your car is guaranteed with Lexus Financial Services. With no minimum deposit, there's no need for a large initial outlay. Then if you want to change your vehicle, Personal Contract Purchase gives you the flexibility to upgrade at the end of your agreement.

How it works

Simply choose the Lexus you want to drive and agree the fixed period over which you wish to use the vehicle, along with the maximum annual mileage. You put down an initial rental (calculated on a multiple of the monthly rentals) and then pay fixed rentals on a monthly basis. 

Lexus Personal Contract Hire is currently available on Lexus CT Sport, IS 300h F Sport, RC 300h F Sport, GS F and RC F models only.

At the end of your agreement

Subject to fair wear and tear, and as long as you have not exceeded your annual mileage, you simply hand the Lexus back. With Personal Contract Hire, you do not have the option of purchasing the vehicle.