ŠKODA Sat Nav Updates

If your ŠKODA is fitted with satellite navigation technology, you will be able to sync the latest updates and maps directly to your vehicle. The instructions listed below are designed to assist you through the process of downloading the latest maps and updates.

GPS data is always changing as new roads and houses are built, so it doesn’t take long for your current system to become inaccurate. ŠKODA is always developing new technology to aid drivers in navigating the roads, so downloading the latest updates will guarantee you benefit from the new improvements to your vehicle’s systems.

Ensuring your ŠKODA has the latest maps and updates will help you reach your destination safely and give you the confidence to drive in unknown areas. Whether your vehicle is fitted with a ŠKODA MIB Amundsen or a MIB Columbus navigation system, regular updates will save you time and fuel..

Amundsen navigation system

If you need to update your Amundsen navigation system click here for clear instructions.

Columbus navigation system

If your ŠKODA features a Columbus navigation system, click here to access the guide which will take you through the update process.

Free sat nav updates available on new Octavia models

All new ŠKODA Octavia models launched since March 2013 benefit from three years’ worth of free sat nav updates.

If you would like assistance in downloading new maps or updates, please contact our knowledgeable team today who have vast experience in all aspects of ŠKODA satellite navigation.

For more information about how to download these updates, please click here.