The manufacturer is investing heavily into developing a lineup of electric vehicles that epitomise everything that the marque stands for. The IV models - of which you can discover the Superb, Octavia and Enyaq - enable you to get behind the wheel of intelligent and fuel efficient models that don’t compromise on performance.

In relation to the new Enyaq IV, this standout SUV represents the dawn of a new era of all-electric driving for the carmaker, with its two battery options and maximum range of 316 miles providing you with the flexibility to complete any journey.

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  • Cleaner, greener performance
  • Affordable running costs
  • ŠKODA quality design and comfort

Types of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Explained

Find out more about the various electric and hybrid vehicle types available.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) In combining a self-charging electric motor with a traditional combustion engine and switching between the two seamlessly, a Hybrid Electric Vehicle provides all-electric capability and also improved economy when in fuel mode.
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) As the name suggests, a PHEV requires you to plug-in the battery to a suitable charging point in order to replenish the charge. This then combines with a petrol/diesel engine for improved economy and great all-electric range.
Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) For the most clean and efficient performance, Battery Electric Vehicles are the ideal choice, with zero CO2 emissions and impressive range available. Use home and public charging stations to charge your battery and enjoy affordable motoring.
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) An alternative to lithium-ion batteries, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles generate electrical energy from the hydrogen stored in the car, converting it to electricity and emitting nothing more harmful than water.
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