Nissan eVision Tool

We’ll go one step further with servicing and repairs

At RRG Nissan, we appreciate that not everyone understands the technical aspects of what goes on under their car bonnet. When your vehicle goes in for a service or repair, you want a report on the relevant issues in plain English, without having to negotiate jargon.

That’s why we offer our customers the opportunity to take advantage of Nissan’s specially created video tool, eVision. If your vehicle needs a repair or replacement part, we’ll send you a complementary video via email, explaining the problem and what’s needed. This enables you to make an informed decision on when you’d like the work to be carried out and how you’ll be affected in the meantime.

We can also send a video to reassure you that everything is performing as required, giving you complete peace of mind that our technicians have carried out a thorough inspection. eVision is designed to deliver transparency when you need it and promote simplicity when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

For further details on the eVision tool, or to receive a complementary video when you bring your vehicle to RRG Nissan in Bury, speak to a member of staff at our service centre. .