Nissan Juke - Top 3 Features

New Nissan Juke

The original Nissan Juke has broken the mould with a brand new style. The next generation Nissan Juke has its own unique style and will change the way you see compact crossovers once again.


The new design features sharp lines, dramatic lights and intriguing design accents with 19" alloy¹ wheels and a distinctive floating roof. Fuel efficiency is improved due to sleek aerodynamics and you'll also enjoy a quieter ride. The next generation Nissan Juke is unlike anything else on the road, are you ready to make a statement?


The next generation Nissan Juke's new design creates a cockpit-like interior, putting you in the centre of the performance. It has a floating instrument panel and advanced tech will be right at your fingertips. The sports seats will hold you in place and provide you with the best sound with Bosespeakers in the headrests. Even though there's a lot packed in, the next generation Nissan Juke still feels spacious and provides you with great visability.

Next Generation Nissan Juke Interior

Performance and efficiency

Powered by a lightweight yet powerful turbocharged petrol engine The next generation Nissan Juke lets you choose between a 6-speed manual transmission or a fast shifting 7-speed automatic DCT transmission. The 6-speed manual transmission gives you power when you want it where as the automatic 7-speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) offers a smooth and reactive drive. The paddle shifters let you change gear quickly and makes you feel more in control.

Safety and technology

The next generation Nissan Juke is built to protect you and your passengers, with a high-strength steel chassis to the safety tech built in. The tire pressure monitoring system will warn you if pressure drops in one of your tires which can significantly affect breaking distance. 6 airbags protect the driver and passengers from both head on collisions and side impacts.

Move to the thrilling electrified experience. This is Nissan JUKE Hybrid

Be one of the first to experience this innovative multimodal hybrid system. Your vehicle always takes off in electric mode and can reach a maximum speed of up to 34 mph in EV mode. Combined output of the Electric Motor and Petrol Engine is 143PS, providing smooth acceleration. The smart energy management system will use the high efficiency petrol engine to recharge the battery or to provide power to the wheels exclusively when it's most efficient and best suited to your driving conditions. With part of your urban journey time driving in electric mode, you get an authentic electrified and responsive driving experience.

Experience accelerator responsiveness thanks to the instant torque provided by the electric motor. Juke Hybrid technology uses a clutchless, smart multi-mode gearbox inspired by Formula E with electric motor and petrol engine that work independently or together for more reactiveness and dynamism. The vehicle seamlessly switches between driving modes to match your driving requirements.

Nissan Juke Hybrid

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Next Generation Nissan Juke Gear Stick
Performance 117ps
Nissan Juke interior
Interior Revolutionary design
Nissan Juke radar
Safety 6 Airbags