With the weather above normal temperatures recently, now may be the time to prepare your car for the summer holiday season. It's important that your vehicle is in good health to see you through the months ahead.

As part of our Summer Health Check, Kia-trained technicians will complete a thorough safety inspection of your vehicle, checking vital maintenance areas such as external, internal, under bonnet, brakes and suspension, under body and tyres. This will be carried out using state-of-the-art technology and specialist equipment. You will then receive a report of the findings and a complimentary video showing any advisories, so you can see the results of our vigorous checks for yourself.

Freshen up your Toyota today! For only £99 the check includes:

  • Air conditioning refresh
  • Fluids Top Up
  • Tyre Check
  • Overall Health Check
  • Car Wash

  • Air Conditioning Refresh

    Although it’s not always realised, air conditioning has more than one role within your car, apart from keeping it cool during the summer months. When working efficiently, air conditioning helps to improve air quality inside the car by filtering out any unwanted bacteria, pollen or pollutants. However, as the car ages, the refrigerant gas in the air conditioning system diminishes, most often when the system isn’t used on a regular basis.

    Fluids Check and Top Up

    As part of your summer check we will inspect and top up the following:

    Engine Oil – With so many oils on the market to choose from you can be sure we will using and advise on the right oil for your engine.

    Coolant – Anti-corrosive, prevents lime scale and anti-foam which could reduce the system’s efficiency.

    Wiper Fluid – Ensures excellent visibility and keeps the washer fluid pump lubricated; helping to prevent erosion and leakage.

    Tyre Check

    Worn tyres are dangerous and can be costly. As part of the tyre check we will inspect:

    Tyre Tread – Legal limit in UK is 1.6mm but if holidaying in Europe its 2mm.

    Pressure – Correct tyre pressures save on fuel consumption and cut down on the wear of your tyre. Inflated tyres offer optimal braking and handling for safer driving.

    Condition – We’ll remove any stones embedded in the tread and check for lumps, bumps and cuts.