Kia Winter Tyres

When temperatures drop below 7°C (usually between November and March) your standard tyres do not give you the grip you need for snowy, wet or icy driving conditions.

Your tyres are your only contact with the road, so your safety depends on them.

The Science!

  • Below 7°C the tread compound on standard tyres starts to harden and lose grip
  • With winter tyres, the tread compound heats up at a lower rolling temperature to create grip in lower temperatures
  • The wider grooves on a winter tyre provide more traction on snow and slush
  • The higher number of slits in the individual tread blocks (known as ‘sipes’) create
  • more biting edges, interlocking with surface conditions to improve braking, traction and acceleration.
  • Stay legal abroad! If you’re driving in Europe, winter tyres are MANDATORY in some countries.
Winter Tyre

Keep moving safely and effectively this winter. 

Speak to one of our sales or service adviser about getting winter tyres fitted today!

How many tyres should I fit?

Winter tyres should always be fitted in sets of four – never to just one axle – as they have completely different handling characteristics to summer tyres in winter conditions. Mixing summer and winter tyres could therefore be dangerous.

What should I do after the winter period with my winter tyres?

At the end of the winter period in or around April - or once ambient temperature is consistently above 7°C - winter tyres must be removed and normal summer tyres refitted. If you continue to use winter tyres in the summer, then they will perform worse in terms of braking distances and grip levels, will wear faster and will increase fuel consumption. Some Kia dealers may be able to store winter tyres for you until the next season starts, for a modest fee. Please ask your dealer if this is a service that they can provide for you.

Should I tell my insurance company that I am fitting winter tyres?

Yes – you should always tell your insurance company. This is because winter tyres sometimes have a lower speed rating than normal summer tyres and often are of a slightly different size than the standard summer tyres fitted to your car.Some insurance companies will therefore deem this to be a modification to the car specification and may alter your premium as a result. However, attitudes to this do seem to be changing. That’s why Kia advises that you make contact with your insurance company.

Where can I buy winter tyres from?

Kia Bury can offer winter tyre fitment at surprisingly competitive rates. Please contact us if you would like further information about these.