Feb 8, 2024

Celebrity chef Judy Joo has created her ultimate Korean Fried Chicken recipe with a twist – she cooked it all using power from the fully electric Kia EV6.

Judy, a regular on TV shows such as Saturday Kitchen, has demonstrated in a new video how to prepare the modern Korean classic from even the most obscure locations, whether on-the-go with an electric vehicle (EV) or from the comfort of your own driveway.

She shows how you can make the recipe using the Kia EV6, which has two ports that can power almost anything with a domestic 3-pin plug, making it perfect for families on-the-go. Judy used the car’s ‘vehicle-to-load’ function to power a fryer and induction hob.

The EV6 was covered in a ‘Seoul Food’ design created by Brighton-based Korean designer Daisy Chang. The design also features a fun chicken motif, inspired by the Korean phoenix.

It comes as new research finds a third of Brits say they are ‘fascinated’ with Korean culture (32%), with Squid Game (19%) and Korean Fried Chicken (18%) among their favourite imports (see top 10 below). Such is the interest in Korean culture that 42 per cent would like to visit the country and experience it first-hand – as 15 per cent declared it to be the global culture they are most interested in.

When it comes to the food, the research found that 68 per cent of Brits have tucked into Korean fried chicken, while 55 per cent have enjoyed kimchi. One in three (34 per cent) have tried bibimbap, a dish of mixed rice with veg and meat, whereas 28 per cent have tucked into bulgogi, which is a marinated and grilled beef.

Celebrity chef Judy Joo commented:“Korean culture has taken the UK by storm – whether it’s the music we listen to, the TV we watch, or the cars we drive. It’s the unique blend of centuries-old traditions and contemporary trends which has resonated in a society seeking diversity and authenticity. This is why I was excited to take on the challenge to create my ultimate Korean fried chicken using a car – combining a beloved and traditional recipe with the ingenuity of the vehicle.

“Korean food in particular has become a global sensation, and the hype is real”, she adds. “Korean dishes are all about the distinctive and vibrant flavours, colours, and heritage, hitting you in an incredible combination of sensations – whether you're digging into a bowl of bibimbap or getting down with some Korean BBQ. And the variety is immense – from street food to rich, bold flavours – it's a foodie's dream.

“Kia’s innovative electric cars are another Korean export that are hugely popular in the UK, including the award-winning EV6, which I’ve used to cook Car Fried Chicken – my ultimate Korean Fried Chicken cooked by a car! It’s perfect for families wanting great food on-the-go.”

With Korean New Year – or ‘Seollal’ – this weekend, a time to bring the family together and enjoy great food, Judy has created five classic Korean recipes to cook, either with an EV, or from the comfort of your own home, all available to view at kiapressoffice.com.

The Kia EV6 offers a striking and modern look inspired by Kia’s ‘Opposites United’ design strategy, a real-world range of up-to 328 miles* on a single charge, ultra-fast charging capabilities and a comprehensive list of equipment. The EV6 has scooped a multitude of awards in its relatively short lifespan, including ‘Best Family Electric SUV’ in the 2024 What Car? Awards, and the car continues to support Kia’s firm position as a leader in electrification.