The Kia EV3 - Electric Compact SUV
Trim Specification The EV3 will launch with the GT-Line Trim
GT-Line The EV3 ‘GT-line’ expresses an even more rugged and adventurous appearance. At the front, the car’s contrasting lower body trim further enhances the dynamic design, while the integrated lower bumper creates a sportier, more refined look. Technical vertical and horizontal graphics express a bolder image in contrast with the car’s large black-clad areas. This treatment is also reflected at the rear, with a characteristic triangle wing configuration on the lower bumper, creating a similarly aggressive effect.
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Robust and purposeful character with a dynamic silhouette Kia’s ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy, which harnesses the creative tension generated by the divergent values of nature and modernity to deliver a harmonious whole, was central to the formation of the Kia EV3’s progressive, dynamic, and dramatic design. The philosophy’s influence elevates the EV3's emotional feel and ambience, seamlessly combining dynamic aesthetics with thoughtful functionality.
    Wide Display Ultra-wide Panorama Display with Harman Kardon Sound System.
    30" widescreen display with premium sound quality delivers an immersive in-car experience.
    OTT Premium Streaming (OTT)
    Experience streaming your favourite entertainment content inside the vehicle
    EV3 Display Skin
    Display Skin NBA Display Themes (from Kia Connect Store)
    Find content to customise the interior of your vehicle

    The EV3 exudes a highly assertive presence. At the front, vertical headlamps positioned at the extremes of the clean-surface facial area contribute to the creation of a wide, ultra-confident stance. A sense of ample spatial volume combines with differentiated graphics and a muscular appearance that harmonises with the entire body.

    A new, robust interpretation of Kia’s iconic Tiger Face design incorporates the brand’s latest Star Map signature lighting concept. Arranged vertically, the Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) further emphasise the Tiger Face design to project a highly confident character.

    In profile, the EV3 projects an aura of exceptional strength, combined with a powerful impression of agility and dynamism. The long, sloping, sleek roofline seamlessly transitions into a hatchback-style tailgate, further portraying the highly technical body design. The dynamic silhouette and voluminous cabin deliver a spacious interior, while the unique interlocking volumes and graphics further accentuate its innovative nature.

    The rear aspect completes the EV3’s high-tech form language and purposeful stance. The thick black trim line emphasising the connection between the SUV’s sturdy C-pillar design and the dynamic roofline further enhances the vehicle’s sense of strength. The simplified, geometric rear lamp design seamlessly integrates with the rear glass, framing a futuristic tailgate design with a wide, technical, and sleek appearance inspired by the Tiger Face Star Map front lighting signature.

    ​The Kia AI Assistant : Meet the power of technology that always has an answer.

    The Kia AI assistant, powered by generative AI, is the in-car digital voice assistant. In your preferred language, this helps you access information, recommendations and simple questions.

    How the Kia AI Assistant can assist you

    Vehicle Usage
    Vehicle maintenance and vehicle control - "Can you set the temperature to 18℃?"

    Navigation and POI information - "Can you recommend a good cafe nearby?"

    Entertainment :
    Games, music recommendations and commands​ - "Can you recommend some romantic jazz?"

    Mobility :
    Mobile device SYNC, public transportation information - "Can you tell me when the flight from Paris arrives today?"

    Knowledge :
    Knowledge search​, Daily Chat - "Can you recommend something fun to do this weekend?"

    EV essential features : Meet the power to charge endless possibilities.

    The EV3 is practical for your everyday needs, whilst enjoying a sustainable lifestyle.

    The Kia AI Assistant Powered by generative AI, is the in-car digital voice assistant. In your prefered language, this helps you access information, recommendations and simple questions.
    Up to 372 mile range 81.4kWh battery capacity and an aero-dynamic design with 3D undercover
    i-Pedal 3.0 One pedal driving that adjusts the level of regenerative braking according to your preference to maximise energy efficiency and reduce driving fatigue on long drives.
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