ŠKODA Battery recycling

All producers of batteries here in the UK are required to register with the Government. There is an EU-wide initiative which aims to increase battery collection and recycling levels, by prohibiting the incineration or landfill of vehicle or industrial batteries. ŠKODA is part of the Volkswagen Group UK Ltd which is a registered producer of batteries, under the Registration Number BPRN00504.

ŠKODA Batteries

When the battery in your ŠKODA reaches the end of its life it will need to be carefully disposed of. There are a variety of facilities around the area which are able to take care of this for you including garages, civic amenities, recycling centres, local council battery collection schemes, licensed scrap yards, and authorised treatment facilities. Our environmental team can assist in the collection of your old battery from one of these facilities.

Electric or hybrid batteries

Since 1 January 2010, all manufacturers of hybrid and electric vehicles have been required to arrange for the treatment and recycling of the old batteries.

Portable batteries

The Volkswagen Group UK Ltd is a producer of portable batteries, so is a member of the ERP producer compliance scheme. If you would like to find your nearest portable battery recycling facility, please visit http://erp-recycling.org/uk/batteries/. The resource contains a wealth of information about the benefits of recycling your old vehicle batteries.

If you would like to arrange a collection, please contact our team who will be happy to manage the process for you.