ŠKODA Servicing with added value.

At RRG ŠKODA, we always strive to offer affordable maintenance options with a superior service. Our team is packed with skilled ŠKODA technicians who are all fully trained to provide high levels of service and a complete understand of all ŠKODA components.


Our servicing options can assist with everything from a minor service, through to a major service or MOT. Fixed price servicing is available to all vehicles from their first MOT at three years old, to the point when they reach 10 years old.

All prices include genuine ŠKODA parts, labour, oil and VAT. There are no hidden costs, so you will know exactly what to expect from your service bill. The only extra charge is for brake fluid, which is charged separately at a fixed cost of £54 for all models of ŠKODA.


Every car is legally required to hold a valid MOT certificate, which shows that your vehicle has been tested to be safe and roadworthy, with legal levels of exhaust emissions. The price for an MOT test across all models is competitively priced at just £39.

All models £39

Minor Service

All models £169

A minor service should be carried out on your vehicle every 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever your vehicle reaches first. A minor service for all models of ŠKODA will cost £169 and includes:

A minor service includes:

  • An oil and filter change using fully synthetic oil
  • A vehicle inspection test and full report – including everything from lights and bodywork to the locks and battery*
  • A full vehicle road test to check the steering, clutch, brakes, engine performance, suspension, driving controls and noise levels**
  • The latest vehicle and software enhancements from the ŠKODA database
  • Replacement pollen filter †
  • A full diagnostic check with report
  • Re-set service interval display
  • Wash and vacuum
  • Your service book completed with a ŠKODA stamp

Major Service

All models £279

You should invest in a major service every 24 months or when your vehicle reaches 20,000 miles, which will carry a fixed price of £279. The major service package includes​:

A major service includes:

  • All of the maintenance points included in the minor service
  • A replacement air filter when needed
  • Spark plugs † (petrol engine) or fuel filter † (diesel engine)
  • Removal of wheels to check the brakes
  • Checking and adjusting of tension on all drive belts
  • Check and replenish gearbox oil where applicable
  • Check and replenish final drive oil where needed
  • A full check of the suspension system
  • A complete check of the heating and air conditioning system

Our skilled team is located in a convenient spot for ŠKODA owners across the Bolton and Rochdale areas. If you would like to book a service or MOT with us, please contact our team today.

Please note

* Vehicle inspection: inspection of all lights, instruments, bodywork, glass, locks, battery, drive belts, suspension, steering, fuel lines, brake pads/shoes/discs, hoses, wash/wipe system, exhaust system, engine components, fluid levels and tyres.

** Vehicle road test: includes checking steering alignment, clutch and braking operation, engine performance, suspension noise and driving controls.

† These items will be replaced, if required. This will be determined by the manufacturer's service regime data.

Prices offered in our Fixed price servicing offer are the maximum selling prices. ŠKODA Authorised Repairers are free to offer prices lower than this offer.

This offer applies to vehicles following a fixed servicing regime only. Customers whose vehicles are on a flexible servicing regime can ask their participating ŠKODA Authorised Repairer about changing over to a fixed servicing regime if they believe this will better suit their needs.

For ŠKODA vehicles 3 years (from first MOT) up to 10 years old. Fixed price servicing is available to customers at participating ŠKODA retailers only. All prices are (where applicable) inclusive of standard parts, labour, oil and VAT and come with a two-year parts and labour warranty. This cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offers may be varied or withdrawn at any time.