Well maintained tyres mean better performance, improved fuel economy, and more grip in adverse weather conditions. Kia dealers offer a wide range of tyres at very competitive prices. Your nearest dealer can give you more information or a quote.

Plus you can now buy tyres online and have them fitted at RRG Kia Bury using the tool below.

Taking Care of Your Tyres

Well maintained tyres mean better performance, improved fuel economy and more grip in adverse weather conditions. Find out how to keep your tyres in good working order.

What you should know about caring for your tyres.

Your tyres can have a significant effect on driving safety due to their inflation pressure, tread depth or wheel alignment. Checking pressure and tread wear (at least once a month) is relatively simple. Knowing when, how and whether you should rotate tyres demands more expertise. So does identifying and resolving incorrect wheel alignment. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, RRG Kia Bury can help you.

Tyre Pressure

Pressure makes a big difference to how your tyres perform. If you have received an alert on your dashboard about your tyre pressure or haven’t looked at them in a while, they will need to be checked. If your tyre pressure is too low (A), you’ll end up with uneven tyre wear and poor grip when cornering – something you’ll especially want to avoid during wintery conditions. If the pressure is too high (B), you’ll suffer from severe tread wear – so your tyres won’t last as long. It will also make steering difficult and increase fuel consumption. The wrong pressure also increases braking distance. Tyres with the correct pressure (C) last longer, reduce fuel consumption and contribute to safe road holding. If the tyre pressure changes suddenly or repeatedly, you should contact your Kia dealer immediately.

Tyre pressure

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment

Incorrect wheel alignment may cause greater wear on the inside edge of your tyres (A) or the outside edge (B). Correctly aligned wheels are parallel to each other on each axle and at 90° to a level road surface (C). Wheel alignment requires specialist equipment and expert knowledge. If you suspect your Kia's wheel alignment needs adjustment, contact RRG Kia Bury service department.

Tyre Rotation

Tyre rotation can help to minimise tyre wear and maximise tyre life. There are several different ways in which tyres can be moved around on the vehicle depending on the type of tyre and whether the vehicle is front-, rear- or four-wheel drive. Rotation sequences include: (A) always moving the most worn tyres in the worst condition to the front; (B) a rear to front, front to rear and side to side rotation; (C) a simple front-rear swap. Talk to RRG Kia Bury service department for up-to-date advice and guidance. 

Wheel alignment

Tyre tread

Checking tread depth

Most tyres have wear indicators: rubber bars incorporated into the tread pattern. When they are level with the tyre surface, the tyres must be changed. However, it is generally recommended to change tyres when they reach a minimum 4 mm tread depth. Your Kia authorised dealer can check your tyres and change them for you if required.

Professional tyre change for your peace of mind

When it’s time to change your tyres – whether for the changing seasons or due to wear – it’s important to have the job done professionally. Kia-trained technicians have the experience, tools and expertise you need for the peace of mind you want. Contact any of our Kia dealerships across the country to get competitively priced tyres fitted by our professionals.

Tyre change