12th June 2024

Despite the rise of digital customer journeys, almost three out of four car buyers still value visiting car showrooms, according to the latest research from OMODA.

The innovative automotive brand, dedicated to pioneering the future of travel, has commissioned research which underscores the importance of physical showrooms in the automotive purchase process. Most importantly, the research also shows how to bring these into the future.

Among the highly valued features of showrooms are test drives, with 64% of buyers still wanting a hands-on experience with the vehicle. This comes as no surprise; however, when asked what features they’d like to see in future showrooms, 40% of respondents listed virtual test drives.

The research also found that a fifth of UK car buyers would trust a virtual test drive. The most popular options for virtual test drive locations are 72% offroad, 65% on a racetrack and 48% along a beach. Interestingly, some want to go even further afield – 14% said they’d want to test drive a car on Mars.

Despite many sounding the death knell for traditional showrooms, the research shows they still play an important role in the car buyer journey. OMODA is committed to maintaining and enhancing this vital aspect of the buying experience. By the end of 2025, OMODA plans to have a presence in over 100 car dealerships, with a strategic initiative already seeing over 60 showrooms open to customers in the UK.

Designed to be the showrooms of the future, not the past, customers can expect an innovative and interactive experience that redefines car shopping. From augmented reality displays that allow you to visualise vehicles in various settings, to virtual reality test drives, future showrooms will be equipped with the latest technology to enhance the consumer experience. OMODA is committed to creating a dynamic and engaging environment that not only showcases the products, but also elevates the entire purchasing process.

Victor Zhang, Executive Vice President of OMODA & JAECOO UK, comments:“Our 2035 future showroom will be an experiential hub offering immersive, customised and fun customer journeys. The showroom isn’t just transactional, it’s a place for customers to learn about the vehicle in a way that suits them. With our vehicles offering an increasing amount of technology, education is a huge part of the retail experience. Our research shows that buyers still value having a place to visit, so it’s about bringing the showroom into the future.”

OMODA showroom of the future
OMODA - Showroom of the future
OMODA - Showroom of the future
OMODA - Showroom of the future